Ernst Benz had a variety of small batch limited editions to show at Baselworld 2016.  The brands approach is quite simple.  Make enough to please the particular customer, then have the run gone before an eye can be blink.  This enables the customer to have something unique, with only maybe 50 or 25 pieces in the world, also creating a sense of pride that they grabbed this before it was gone.  We all like things that are hard to come by and are limited in quantity.  It probably makes us want things more.  Ernst Benz is doing that with their timepieces, and giving some very unique styles while in the process.

One new introduction that was one of our favorites was the Chronosport 18th Degree.  The 18th Degree series uses a vintage 17th century map of the Americas during the golden age of piracy and sea exploration.  This map is slightly raised, giving a three dimensional attribute to the dial.  Coming in two color variations, two sizes and two movement types.  The parchment dial pictured above will be available in both 44mm and 47mm with either stainless steel silver tone finish or DLC.  There will also be full black varient, with slightly more raised embossing of the map.  This full DLC cased version is only to come in the 47mm size, but there will also be a chronograph to choose from.  The 3 hand models will use an ETA 2836-2 (day-date) and the chronograph will use a Valoux 7750.  Prices will range from $3,025-$4,725 on 3 hand models.  Chronograph price will roughly be between $6,000-$7,000.

The new Chronoscope Limited Edition "CHRONOBEIJING" was reintroduced for the year of the Monkey.  This limited model has  a vermillion colored dial with black numeric characters and the 8:00 standing out in white.  This, of course, is to bring focus to the number 8, which is pronounced similar to "prosper" or "wealth" in Cantonese.  It is considered to be a very lucky number in most of Asia.  This model features a Valjoux 7750 and a 47mm wide stainless steel with DLC case and should be roughly around $7,000.

The Chronoscope Nautical Star by Ernst Benz is going to be produced in 4 styles, each limited to 25 pieces, with the issued number right on the dial for the wearer to see.  The four styles will all be in 47mm stainless steel cases, either blue or red accents for the star, hands, and numerals and will come in silver tone steel or DLC treated.  The movement featured is an ETA 2836-2 day-date, and has the strap option of either black alligator or calf leather.  Prices range from $3,625-$4,725 depending on finish and strap.

The Chronocombat is a new military inspired design that is in both the Chronosport (3 hand) and Chronoscope (Chronograph) series.  These dials are in an olive green color with orange accents for the hands and numerals.  Each dial is printed with the individual serial number of the 50 total pieces made of each style.  There are two sizes of 3 hand, 44mm and 47mm both with DLC treatment and ETA 2836-2 movements.  Strap options also include calf or alligator leather and will vary in price from $3,625-$4,525 depending on size and strap.  The chronograph will only come in the 47mm stainless and DLC case with Valjoux 7750 movement and have the same strap options.  The will be priced from $6,200-$6,500.

The Chronoracer will also have 50 of each style produced coming both in 3 hand day-date (Chronosport) models as well as chronographs (Chronoscope).  Both the chronograph and non-chronograph models will be offered in silver tone stainless steel with orange numerals or DLC treated steel with black numerals and will come in 47mm cases.  The 3 hand Chronosport will also be offered in a 44mm, with the same DLC and black numeral or silver tone and orange numeral combos.  The racing inspired powder blue dials will also mark the individual serial number of 50 in production, giving the owner an easy way to identify their personal number without having to look at the case back.  The prices will range from $2,825-$4,525 for the 3 hand  (also an ETA 2836-2) depending on size, finish and strap.  The chronograph (again a Valjoux 7750) will range from $5,400-$6,500 depending on finish and strap options.

Finally, new from Ernst Benz is the Chronolunar DLC with dark Mother of Pearl dial.  Available in 47mm or 44mm stainless steel and DLC cases, the Chronolunar features a Valjoux 7751 movement which indicates hours, minutes, sub-seconds, day, date, month, 24 hour display and phase of the moon along with the chronograph complications hours minutes and center seconds.  The near black in color abalone dial is very subtle but has a great variety of color when exposed to light.  These pieces will range in price from $8,475-$9,575 depending on size and choice of calf or alligator strap.