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Less is more, and light is right sums up the Lengnau, Switzerland based brand Rado's approach to luxury watchmaking for 2016. Rado's signature material is high-tech ceramic. The brand believes it stands out among luxury watchmaking materials for its remarkable marriage of lightness and hardness, as one of the lightest and most durable materials used in high-end watchmaking. Rado high-tech ceramic is 10 times harder than 18k gold while being 2.5 times lighter. High-tech ceramic is five times harder than steel but only three-fourths its weight. Rado high-tech ceramic watches are made from monobloc ceramic cases that forego the need for a stainless steel core in favor of solid ceramic.

The end result is a range of good looking, hypoallergenic watches. Their smooth, stylish surfaces can be polished or matte, crafted in an array of colors: the inaugural black, which debuted on the Rado Integral in 1986, pure white, cool grey, gleaming plasma, and chocolate brown.

True Thinline in monochrome

Less is more, states Swiss watchmaker Rado. The brand is breathing new life into the old adage with the addition of three minimalist pieces to its True Thinline collection. The watches adopt a "back to basics" approach, stripped to their barest essentials.

Each piece is in a monochrome color palette - pure white, stark black or pure plasma, each using Rado's signature high-tech ceramic. Free of indexes, subdials and flourishes, the True Thinline's dial is but a blank slate, with not so much as a second hand. The slim profile has been designed to add impact with understatement.

The case measures just 4.9 mm and is the thinnest ceramic watch that Rado has ever produced. Hailed as a marvel of engineering when it first arrived on the watchmaking scene, the True Thinline is also powered by an ultra-thin movement of just 1 millimeter. The Thinline is crafted from a solid monobloc scratchproof ceramic case with no need for a stainless steel core. In fact, it is 25% lighter than steel while being nearly five times harder, making the material one of the lightest yet most durable used in luxury watchmaking. Price: $2,100.00

Rado True Open Heart

Relaunched with a new streamlined edge just last year, the Rado True family has been given yet another twist with two new pieces in Rado's lightness-inspired collection for 2016. Limited to just 500 individually marked pieces, the True Open Heart is crafted in either matt black or polished white high-tech ceramic and features the clean, light lines of the Rado True family.

The Swiss movement is framed by stylized cutouts in the dial, lending the piece an airy, spacious feel and giving the wearer a glimpse into the enigmatic mechanics within. An ultra-fine mother of pearl layer floats over the dial like a veil, subtly exposing the mysterious innerworkings of the watch below. The shimmering colors of the True Open Heart's delicate, razor-thin mother of pearl dial is a diaphanous 0.6 mm in depth. Beneath this is the naked movement, the heart of the watch housed in the brand's signature monobloc case. Price: $2050.00

Rado Hyperchrome 1616

I wanted one of these as soon as I saw it. A reinterpretation of Rado's vintage Cape Horn collection first introduced in the 1960s, HyperChrome 1616 is described as a hyper-masculine ode to the spirit of discovery. The watch pays tribute to the 400-year anniversary of the brave discovery of this South American headland. As history records, In 1616, two Dutch merchants made the discovery of Cape Horn, located at the tip of South America in a treacherous sailing route where the Atlantic collides mightily with the Pacific.

The 46mm Hyperchrome 1616 comes in two colors - black or metallic - each with an extra-wide leather strap. The watch is made from light but ultra-durable materials: high-tech ceramic, or titanium with an exclusive hardening treatment that is new to Rado's range of materials. Despite its beefy appearance watch is surprisingly light thanks to these materials. Achieving a hardness of 1000 Vickers, the hardening treatment makes the titanium five times harder than watchmaking steel while being only half its weight. The Rado HyperChrome 1616 is powered by the ETA C07.621 calibre with a power reserve of 80 hours. The cases are waterproof up to 100 meters. Price €2,930.00

Hyperchrome Ultralight

First introduced in a limited edition in 2012, HyperChrome Ultra Light is crafted from a trio of incredibly light materials - silicon nitride ceramic, anodized aluminium, and hardened titanium. Rado believes the HypeChrome Ultra Light's minimalist design and featherweight components place it on the cutting edge of fashion and technology. With its index-free dial and deep grey monochrome color palette, the HyperChrome Ultra Light is a meditation on simplicity.

Naturally dark grey silicon nitride lends the lightweight matt monobloc case its notable hue. The dial is texturized with concentric grooves that gently sweep downward, reminescent of the soothing patterns sculpted in the sand of a zen garden. A fashion-forward Nato strap secures the 56-gram limited edition timepiece to the wrist, capturing the essence of a clean and simple unisex aesthetic. Price: $2850.00

Rado True Colors

Rado True's classic 40 mm monobloc high-tech ceramic case fastens to the wrist with a matching NATO strap, making this a lightweight, sporty timepiece that looks chic whether paired with a tennis racket or a suit jacket. The Rado True in rich chocolate brown complements warm, earthy colors and a variety of skin tones. Rado has also added new color innovations; blue and green. These colorful timepieces offer all the same benefits as Rado's other high-tech ceramic wristwatches. Rado's prismatic palette of 7 high-tech ceramic colors are testimony to the brand's mastery of materials. Price: $950.00
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