Casio is extending its Oceanus line of solar-powered radio-controlled watches with models featuring deep blue ceramic bezels made using traditional Japanese Edo Kiriko cut glass techniques.

Edo Kiriko is a traditional Japanese technique of cutting patterns into glass that dates back 180 years. Edo is also the original name of the city now called Tokyo.

The Oceanus OCW-S4000S and OCW-S4000C blend traditional Japanese craftsmanship and advanced technology, inspired by contemporary Tokyo.

The watches are equipped with the Casio Connected Engine module that links to a smartphone to ensure it tells the correct time in any timezone.

The OCW-S4000 series was realized through collaboration with Toru Horiguchi, a skilled artisan who continues to work in the Edo Kiriko tradition today. The project involved an unprecedented effort to create and install handmade sapphire crystal bezels one by one to express the brand identity fully through beautiful blue coloring. This fusion of traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology enabled expression of an original worldview exclusive to Oceanus. Still waiting on price.

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