Since Laco didn't join the Inhorgenta, this year's Baselworld became the place to showcase (almost) all 2018 novelties. And there is quite some news to be reported.

All in all, we (Bhanu, Scott, Brad and I) got the impression that Laco is picking up speed, not so much in terms of quality, because quality already was excellent, but as far as the broadening of their model range is concerned, they did a great job in the last 9 months. They also did a great job on implementing new ideas and new designs, but still the Lack DNA is visible for everybody. Of course, their current Flieger watches still breath the “kerosene tainted air of former times.” A Laco Flieger still has a special aura apart from its characteristics such as readability, robustness, tool-ish look. This aura makes Flieger watches somehow immortal and desirable, which - due to their history - is valid for Laco as well.
However, Laco hasn't only a meaningful history, Laco has a future as well. This future looks promising as the new models underscore sustainable. For example, the ETA ebauches used, this means that Laco only uses those of the quality level elaboré. A small step but nevertheless a step into the right direction. Offering a face-lifted Atacama again, a soon to be released "Skorpion" 300m diver's/outdoor watch with some splashes of color, the two Marine watches housing the venerable Unitas 6498 are facets of the path Laco is on.
Laco showcased their new 39mm Flieger watches, available in Baumuster A and Baumuster B design and available with both ETA 2801 hand winding or ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. Price is set at €930 for both versions.

Laco team informed us that "Fliegeruhr Basic" version of the Laco Blaue Stunde with automatic Miyota - Miyota 821 A – movement is immediately available to order.  These fliegers will be available in 39mm and 42mm cases for both Type A and Type B dials.  They are entry level watches so the price is reasonable at €340.
The "little sister" of the Squad watches "Seven Seas" and "Ocean" has returned - The Atacama.

The Atacama is Laco's take on a modern tactical tool watch, one that is meant to be a perfect "allrounder" on terra, mare, cielo, on land, at sea. It’s big, crazy, and features a sufficient water resistance, sapphire crystal and an ETA 2824-2 movement in elaboré grade.
The re-launched Atacama got a small but pleasing face lift:

- the typical Flieger triangle gave way to a new stylish index

- the numerals moved from the outside to the inside and appear in a new font

- the date window is less prominent without the white frame of the predecessor

- the hands are slightly longer now
The Skorpion watch will soon become one of the new milestones in the LACO portfolio. This watch does have a lot of potential and I am almost sure that the Skorpion with its aesthetically pleasing 43mm case, rated water resistant up to 300m, easy to operate bezel, powered by an ETA 2824-2, with retail price under €1000 (likely €980) will sell like hot cakes. According to Laco's CEO, Uwe Rücker, it will be available in late summer/early autumn 2018.
The watch will be available in different colors (green, orange, blue and on different straps, a bracelet will be available as well. The watch will perfectly match all sorts of straps (Nato, rubber, leather), Hirsch Robby came to my mind at once.
Finally, there's a new Marine in the pipeline. Available as well in late summer/early autumn. The Marine is fitted with a hand winding Unitas 6498. Case diameter is 43mm, which ends up in a lug-2-lug width of 50mm. Lug width is 22mm. Price will be under €1000 as well. The Marine will be available in white or black dial versions.