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An emotional connection

The year 2018 at Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacture will be according to the motto "Time for Emotions". Also for the watch exhibition "Baselworld 2018", this theme will be the main topic.


There are thousands of beautiful and colourful pictures, but only a few of them find recognition and are appreciated and estimated by people. There are also hundreds of new creative watches in manifold colours and only a minority of them is highly esteemed. What is the reason? The reason is simple: Only an outstanding art work will spark people’s emotions and interest. The viewer’s emotions play a decisive role for their particular assessment if a object is art and to define its value. “People rather rely on their feelings than on deliberation.” This is the adapted succinct quotation by Vassily Kandinsky on this issue.

With the emotional watch model “Miss Avantgarde” in 2014, Alexander Shorokhoff attracted attention on the watch market for the first time. This success could be continued with the model “Babylonian I“ in 2015. Carrying on with the creation of the watches “Barbara“ in 2016, “Camomile“ and “Crossing“ in 2017. With these models the brand raised its profile and defined its future path.
The Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacture evokes emotions, inspires and touches people by pursuing its own way.


Picasso once said, that every modern painter has the total right to invent his own language from A to Z. Alexander Shorokhoff faithfully pursues this advice consistently and uncompromising. Thus, he succeeded in creating his own language in the watch world.

Without a doubt the brand will continue to work towards this objective: With the new watch models “Kandy Avantgarde“, “Los Craneos“, “Squirrel“ and “Peacock“, Alexander Shorokhoff is developing his artistic talent and his desire to create new ways to produce original work of art. All new models are displayed at the Baselworld 2018. For the novelties new and different technologies like hand engravings, guilloching, enamel coating as well as appliqués are used. However, the most important fact is: everything is made by hand. And exactly that brings emotionality and personality into play. Special dials and designs are manufactured also by by CNC-machines.


But, in order to create and impressive work of art, every artist needs emotions to open his soul and transmit all the inspirations and passion in to their work.

Alexander Shorokhoff’s work of art is full of emotions and you can feel his soul as well as his Russian roots in every timepiece. Clearly and explicitly ,this expresses not only through forms and colours as at the watch “Kandy Avantgarde“, but also through the representation of nature and life at the watches “Squirrel“ and ”Peacock“. This is the inimitable language of Alexander Shorokhoff.


“I don't say everything but I paint everything “ - these are the words of Picasso. Alexander Shorokhoff would say: "I didn’t say everything and I didn’t do everything yet”. He and his brand have clear perspectives and are heading towards a creative future.


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I really like this brand; it’s one of my guilty pleasures. Someone has to carry the mantle for Alain Silberstein...
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