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Basic Requirements Needed For Identification

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If you want a watch identified, if and where possible, please supply as many of the following identifying characteristics.

1) A few quality photos:

a: the face
b: the back cover (outside and inside if possible)
c: of the crown (and pushers if its a chronograph)
d: last but not least a good clear shot of the movement (if possible)

2) The details of any serial numbers and model numbers if not clearly visible in the shots you provided.

3) A short description of the provenance (origin/source) of the watch and how you came to possess it. If you are in the midst of buying it, posting a link to the on-line listing if available is a good step.

Stories of a gold watch left to you by a relative that sorta looks like a (watch name here) but I'm not sure, can you help me identify it, are a waste of time, yours and ours without the above required details. We volunteer here to assist you, please take a bit of time to help us help you by providing as much detail as practical at the time you post.

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