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Up for sale today, All quartz and affordable.

All pics here were taken 7/6/21 (pardon any finger prints), but many more are available please just ask.

All watches come with original boxes/packing. All prices include domestic standard shipping. Of course everything is negotiable but I think I priced things fairly and all under recent sales on eBay if I could find the same or similar watch. Not really looking for trades.

(Expedited arranged and at your cost.) I prefer to not do international shipping but we can talk.

I will use paypal

L to R, T to B

1. Invicta Bolt Reserve Chronograph Sunray Blue dial on panatime leather

2. Invicta Sub Aqua Specialty Black oil pressed dial, on leather with Grand Date SOLD

3. Invicta Mobula chronograph Black ceramic with red sunray dial sold

4. Technomarine Black Reef white with two straps

5. Sottomarino Mostro white/blue SOLD

6. Invicta Coalition Forces Trigger chrono red camo SOLD

7. Invicta Venom II chrono black/white SOLD

8. Invicta Lupah Revolution grey/electric blue SOLD

1. Invicta Bolt Reserve-

Movement: ETA G10

Diameter: 50mm

Strap: Brown with blue stitch leather with dlc hardware

Features: Sunray dial, 100m w/r, flame fusion crystal

Condition: Obviously a replacement strap, the strap is in great shape, brand new battery, only issue is one of the tabs is slightly loose only noticeable if you try.

Price: $75

The Bolt maybe the first watch that really got me into Invicta. I love the colors on this one. The blue is great, the coated pushers add a cool touch.

2. Invicta Sub Aqua Specialty Reserve- SOLD

Movement: Ronda 7003 grand date
Diameter: 52mm

Strap: black leather OEM
Features: Oil pressed dial, grand date, flame fusion crystal, rose accents, 500m w/r
Condition: Strap is in great shape, crystal is perfect, brand new battery, a very very small amount of scuffing on the bezel retainer ring, you can see this on the pic.
Price $100
The SAS is one of Invicta's great case designs.

3. Invicta Mobula SOLD

Movement: Ronda 5040d
Diameter: 50mm
Bracelet: ceramic
Features: Red sunray dial, all ceramic case and bracelet, flame fusion crystal, tungsten bezel, 100m w/r

Condition: all links here on the bracelet, no issues with the case or bracelet and no scratches on the crystal
Price $100
The ceramic mobula is crazy comfortable and I've always like the overall design as many affordable ceramic watches are toyish looking. This is the original with the tungsten bezel.

4. Technomarine Black Reef (pre- Invicta)

Movement: Ronda quartz

Diameter: 45mm (49mm with bumpers)

Straps: 1- silicone and 1- nylon sailcloth weave over leather both quick release

Features: 500m w/r, etched dial, sapphire crystal, interchangeable straps

Condition: Brand new battery, everything in great shape

Price: $125
This is the original Technomarine Black Reef, not the Invicta. As such it comes with the Technomarine box and a sapphire crystal

5. Sottomarino Mostro SOLD

Movement: Chinese quartz

Diameter: 52mm

Strap: blue silicone

Features: white dial with blue accents, 50m w/r, magnifying cyclops, mineral crystal

Condition: brand new battery, bezel has very minor scuffing

Price: $40

Just a cool fun watch to wear

6. Coalition Forces Trigger- SOLD

Movement: Ronda 5040d

Diameter: 50mm

Strap: Red rubber with black metal inserts

Features: trigger pusher systems, camo dial, flame fusion crystal, 100m w/r, black case

Condition: brand new battery, normal wear

Price: $100

One of Invicta's signature case designs, a real rock and roll look

7. Invicta Venom II SOLD

Movement: Ronda 5040d

Diameter: 49mm

Strap: black silicone with metal inserts

Features: flame fusion crystal, 200m w/r, lumed bezel pips

Condition: brand new battery, shows a little wear on inside of bezel but not much, strap is great

Price: $100

If you know Invicta you know this watch, wears smaller and more comfortable than other venoms as the case is smaller than the bezel.

8. Lupah Revolution SOLD

Movement: ETA G10

Diameter: 47mm tonneau case

Strap: black silicone

Features: domed flame fusion crystal, 100m w/r grey sunray dial with electric blue sub dials, 3D markers

Condition: brand new battery, brand new OEM strap, very minor signs of wear on case

Price: $75

A very comfortable watch with great wrist presence
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