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Ohana Update for July 25th 2008

Aloha Everyone,

First off, my apologies that it has been so long since our last update – things here have been frenetic here at Bathys headquarters since…wow...since as long as I can remember. It's not so much that it's hard to get me to sit down and write the update – shoots I'll talk about Bathys watches to anyone who even pauses to tie their shoe on the street – no it's been much more a matter of compiling all the email addresses into the 'Ohana list. It's grown over 400% since 2007 and I'm still not sure we have everyone. In fact I'm sure we do not, but we're still sifting through email requests, etc. Any my apologies if you get multiple copies of this email..

The beautiful thing is that now that we have added our new US Distributor, Picciones of Ohio (, and they have taken over some of the day-to-day business affairs, we finally getting time to do more of what we love – design new timepieces. Wish I could reveal what we're up to, but that will come in time.

Also Brad Hendrich at Picciones has been working hard to get Bathys watches into a retail store near you. You can refer to the Bathys Hawaii website for our dealer locater, but here's a new list of Bathys Authorized Dealers:

Exquisite Timepieces of Naples Florida

The Timezone of Bountiful Utah

Diamond Cutters of West New York in Buffalo

ED Marshall in Scottsdale Az

Ben Bridge Timeworks Ala Moana Honolulu (watches are also available from Ben Bridge Customer Center in Seattle)

Grandes Gems of Kauai and Maui.

One sad thing was we had to cease our agreement with Selfridges in London. If nothing else, we learned that Bathys watches need a sales staff that are themselves watch lovers and can tell our story. When you just dump our watches into a large department store environment with ever-changing salespeople, our message definitely gets lost. We find we need a more intimate approach like that is found at a dedicated watch boutique and will be looking to open another UK Bathys Dealer later this year.

OK let's talk watches!

Here's what's coming down the pipe for the rest of 2008.

In the final stages of production are our new mid-sized watch for ladies (or men who prefer a smaller case) – the Lunar Wahine.
Here's a quick photo I took at Baselworld:

Carrying the Bathys concept into a smaller case (36mm), the Wahine ("wah-HEE-nay") features a moonphase complication, 100M water resistance, 3mm domed anti-reflection sapphire crystal, and comes with both a waterproof black calfskin strap and a genuine black stingray strap with quick-change pins. Our goal here was to design a watch for women that was as tough as our men's watches, but to make it smaller and sculpted for a thinner wrist. I pretty much designed the watch to fit how my own wife lives and works – which is hard (double meaning intended). Women here in Kauai spend a lot of time in the ocean and on the beach – both very harsh environments. So foremost it was designed as a timekeeping instrument that can work when subjected to daily saltwater exposure – just like we do for our other timepieces. Then to make it a little more cool for the ladies when they want to hit the town, we added the functioning moonphase, the stingray strap and made up three sweet versions: a steel case/black dial; steel case/chocolate brown dial; and a RoseTi PVD/ black dial (my personal fave). These retail for $795 and will begin to become available THIS WEEK! (July 25th…)

On my wrist at the moment is the next watch we're launching this summer – The Ti-Quartz Benthic. I love this thing. It's pretty huge at 47mm, but because it's solid titanium and because we're now in the third round of prototypes, this is one comfortable puppy. What I like about it is that we're making a very light, strong case from solid titanium - even the ring that holds the movement is titanium. And inside of this light case we're putting a large, very well-made Ronda 7003.N quartz movement. This is a jeweled 15'" movement (at 36mm the largest Swiss quartz movement I know of) and is constructed of solid brass plates and has two complications: a large date at 6:00 and a retrograde day at 12:00. Like all Benthic models it also features a uni-directional rotating timing bezel with luminous marker. These will come with either a black, brushed ruthy grey, or a real carbon fiber dial. I keep switching these dials out trying to decide which I like best. Price? $950 with two 24mm straps; one waterproof leather and one rubber. You can see nice renderings of this new timepiece here:

Ah…but what about this new Damascus Steel watch?
OK well first let me get everyone up to speed on Damascus Steel.

Damascus steel has been made for about 1000 years, and became legend during the Crusades when swords forged from this type of steel were thought to be able to slice through traditional swords.

99% of Damascus steel is made from forging two types of carbon steel (H+L) together to form the laminate. However this type of steel would quickly rust if made into a watch case. Therefore we had to find a source of the MUCH rarer stainless Damascus Steel. We have found a source in Germany and because each block of steel will be handcrafted by Herr Schneider, our production will be very limited. The cases will be made in Germany as well by a CNC factory that used to make watch cases and now makes things like fuel injectors for AMG Mercedes…their machines have an amazing 3 micron tolerance! We are not sure of neither the price nor the exact production figures (less than 20 is my guess), and already most of these have been sold on pre-order!

And before I go, I want to mention that the new BATHYS CLUB website is now open ( It is still largely a work in progress, but you can go there to see some more photos from our events and very soon we'll get the blogging happening.

Want a copy of our new 2008 catalog? If so, please drop an email to: [email protected] with "Bathys Catalog Request" in the subject heading, and we'll get one off to you. The catalog is also available as a much less sexy, but more environmentally-friendly PDF file on the Bathys website.

OK, well that's all for now.

Cheers from the lanai,

John Patterson

Owner and CEO

Bathys Hawaii Inc.
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