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I currently have my Mido All Dial Chronometer on sale here at WUS. Growing anxious with the lack of offers, I decided to place the item on Ebay. Within 30 minutes of placement, the watch sold at full price. The seller seemed legit as his address was listed in Orlando, FL. Once it came time for payment, the buyer sent me a fake email from a fake PayPal address (looked real). And the address he wanted the watch shipped to was in Nigeria, even after I clearly stated I would not ship internationally. Luckily, after research, I realized this has happened a lot and apparently more and more for watch purchases. I reported the buyer to Ebay and I am currently looking for a refund of my fees and my item to be removed from Ebay.

I am posting this for my fellow WISs. Be aware of:

- The buyer creating his account the same day the watch sells
- The buyer coming up with a story about why he wants the watch shipped internationally (with me, it was for his brother that works for UNICEF in Nigeria)
- The buyer will send you multiple emails to seem weary of the purchase (asking for more pics, more information, etc.). This is fake, he wants to seem like a real buyer
- Buyer will send two PayPal emails (they are NOT from PayPal), with PayPal heading and presumable authenticity. The emails will claim you have been paid for the price of your watch plus $120 for international shipping but your money is on hold until the watch is received (seems very real, but something is of about the email. BE AWARE). The email will be comes from "PayPal" instead of "[email protected]" This is the KEY to the fake email.

Just be aware guys, this guy would've had me ship my watch to the address and disappeared without ever paying me. It is a classic bait & switch.
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