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The only reason I am posting this is because I want to make people aware of possible shady practices from a watchuseek member and an ebay member who I believe to be the same person. I do not intend to get into a message war and will not respond to any posts after this.

I will state the facts, my conclusions, and will let you draw your own conclusions.

On Junes 8th, user cfw from South Africa posted a Citizen soccer themed watch for sale for $175. It is NOS and I have rarely seen it using google search so I kept my eye on it.

Over time the asking price was lowered. Finally the watch showed up on ebay in September by seller name francoiwille-0, also from South Africa, with the same exact pictures as on this forum. I won the auction with a purchase price of $10 with $35 shipping from South Africa on Sept 21st.

A few days later my purchase was cancelled. When I inquired why it was cancelled, this is the response I got through ebay messaging on Sept 27th:

New message from: francoiwille-0 (3)
Hi. When I took the watch out to ship I noticed that its not working. I changed the battery and it was still dead, as per my listing the watch was working, I am not going to ship a non working watch. Will drop it off at my watch maker in two week time, as he is on holiday, hopefully it's nothing serious.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Regards Francois

That same day, Sept 27th, the post on the For Sale thread was bumped with a new lower asking price of $100. This same watch with the same pictures and from South Africa is also on offer at That thread was also bumped Sept 27th with the same lowered asking price of $100

My conclusions are:
User cfw on watchuseek, cfw on thewatchsite, and francoiwille-0 are all the same person.
The watch in question is fairly rare and NOS
The watch on both forums and ebay are from South Africa
The pictures on both forums and ebay are exactly the same
The timing of the bumps on the post (and lack thereof) coincide with the time it was on offer on ebay.
After the ebay auction ended and was cancelled, the thread was bumped again on both watch forum sale sites.

My conclusion is that the ebay sale of $10 plus $35 shipping was less than was acceptable so the ebay sale was cancelled by francoiwille-0 and a less than truthful response to my inquiry was made.
I have documented everything with screenshots for myself.

Thanks for your time.
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