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With this clasp the pricing is: Curve-ended is US$85,00, straight-ended is US$65,00

With this clasp the pricing is: Curve-ended is US$95,00, straight-ended is US$75,00

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I really like them and it would look killer on a lot of watches!

Have a great weekend!


Hello to all Yobokies BOR lovers,

A few questions please, Opinions on using the BOR with straight ends on a Seiko SKX399 or should if BOR used
look better with curved end links and not put them down as I have several, but as they are dive watches if it
trying to hard by using such a... finished product on a dive watch and to set the stage I use my dive watches as
dress and for casual or sometimes even work. And please dont get me wrong when I say using such a finished
product on a dive watch, I have had a few dive watches and consider my SKX399 which I will never sell as pushing
all my right buttons and since it is in such great shape I am thinking about this bracelet and using as more for
dress. The other question was who has used or has an opinion of the clasp in picture 4 for my situation.

all opinions wether yeah or neah are welcome please,


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Hello Henry and thank you the picture and advice, by any chance
do you have a top down photo or dial picture of this watch you have
shown so I can see how the straight end matches up to the case from
that angle?

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