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A site to buy men? To hunt on my private island? It's about time...

Whenever I'm hunting "the most dangerous game", I like being equipped by the gents at, British purveyors of decent-quality/decent-price homages to legendary (or not) watches from a bygone era (or the Thatcher administration). Nothing makes me feel more like a gentleman than noting the time on my Smiths Everest right before I slay the last poor bugger to be marooned on my tropical isle.

Back at the lodge, I enjoy sipping cognac by the fire and admiring the heads above the mantle. I find the orange second hand on my Obris Morgan Branco really catches the firelight just so. If perchance my unwitting prey was accompanied by a wife or girlfriend, I'll switch to a Christopher Ward Malvern when I dress for dinner. A special occasion with a terrified lady calls for a special watch, I always say.

Can't wait to see the site!
I know that you're joking, but a part of me is screaming at me to call the police because I've suspected this scenario all along.
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