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Bell Ross 03-92 Military Ceramic

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Looking for owners of this watch and your thoughts on this piece.
I've been a long-time collector of watches (for almost 14 years now), and have never owned a Bell & Ross.

I have the opportunity to pick up the Green Military Ceramic (with green tinted crystal) for a fair price and I'm thinking of pulling the trigger.
No box & papers, but it's a reputable seller, and I don't think the green ceramic case + green tinted crystals are copied often anyway.

My first "real" forage into luxury watches was a fake Bell & Ross I bought for cheap at a market in Bali - so this will be a fun homage to that watch which kickstarted this watch collecting journey.

Size comparisons of the 03-92 with other watches would be really helpful as well! I've got a wide range of sizes from GMT Master II, GS Snowflake, Panerai, SKX007, Navitimer, Speedmaster, Monaco etc.

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I dont have that exact watch, but here's a BR03 next to a Speedy for size comparison.

Just one thing though, you really need to try the watch on to see if it looks good on your wrist. The square case will look bigger on your wrist. A 42mm square watch will wear bigger than a 42mm round watch.

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Thanks for this! That doesn't look bad at all in terms of size. Nice pair by the way!
I'm going to take a look at the watch one of these days for a non-obligatory viewing before making my decision :)
Best thing to do is to go to an AD an try on a BR03 just to see how it looks on your wrist. I never thought that these square designs would look good on my wrist.

I actually walked into my local AD with the intention of buying a BR05. I tried a whole bunch of watches on, but a BR03 won my heart that day.

I suppose if you can pull off a larger Panerai you can probably pull off a BR03, but best to try one on before you buy especially if havent tried one on before.
Was about to do just that 2 days ago! But my wife came into contact with a positive Covid-19 case, and we all ended up isolating at home.
Will get to it in a week or so :sneaky:
I noticed we had this BR03-92 Nightlum in stock yesterday and decided to film a very quick video with a wrist shot at the end. I'll agree with prior comments that the 42mm square case does wear larger in my opinion to other style cases.

Thanks Brent, that is much appreciated! We are both fine and did not contract Covid-19, also being triple vaccinated we are pretty safe. Will get down to trying the watch sometime this week and will update with a wristshot here!
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