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Bell & Ross

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I wanted to take a quick second or two to introduce myself here and say hello. If we haven't crossed paths on another brand dedicated forum yet I'm a long time watch enthusiast that began working for my AD a little less than two years ago and we became a forum sponsor a little over a year ago. We just started carrying B&R right before the holiday and I do my best to be responsive to the community and help with questions as well as post videos/photos/etc. While I've loosely followed the brand over the years I'm certainly not an expert and look forward to learning from folks here. If I can help with anything don't ever hesitate to ask.

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yes most dealers are firm on their retail price!!
That hasn't been my experience....I've never paid retail for one at the dealer, and based on the aftermarket value retention, I'm not willing to either. But I do love the watches I have from them.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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