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Best 50 bucks I ever dropped!

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Scored this Zodiac "Renegade" for $50.00, brand new, with warranty. I've noticed the internet photos of Zodiacs do not do them justice - not sure if I did any better, the first photo was trying to be moody but I guess came out too dark.

I took a chance on this watch because it reminded me sort of like a 1960's flower child version of that famous square case dive watch. But this thing is a beauty, a solid hunk, 100 m (claimed) waterproof and one of those watches that you put on and it instantly feels perfect.

50 bucks! Not everyone's cup o' tea, I'm sure, but I'm happy :-d

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FANTASTIC watch bro!

I have the black dial version!

Don'tcha dig that big, thick strap?

Sure do, that makes it I think - another well-kept Zodiac secret watch! Can you post a pic of the black version?
where do i get one for $50?! :)
Why is it a secret?
I don't know - I'm new here! Are we allowed to say where we got it? Don't want to violate any rules...
Not at all! I'm not much of a Zodiac fan and won't warm up to this model either (though I like the wire lugs detail), but the pics are great. The lighting on the first is just beautiful, a little more light on the dial might have made it pop more, but there's absolutely nothing to be dissapointed about there.
Thanks - actually, I just realized it, I should have made the lume go off for that first photo, that might have looked cool!
How does the strap go on? Are there still spring bars between the wire lugs or is the strap stitched on?
Haven't quite figured that out yet - can't see in there. Maybe Z-Freak knows? The band is nice, thick leather, so no plans to replace it although I wonder what it might look like on rubber...
Here is the black one you requested Sodiac...

And here I featured in a Sig a few months back...
Suu-weeet! Thanks!
So many PM's, so I guess I'll post here. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to say where I bought it?

Stop me if I'm doing something wrong, I'm new to WUS and don't know if this is allowed. But I got it at Metro Watch Co. on the famous auction site, they're supposedly the official Zodiac online source. I've bought a few from them, excellent service and fast shipping.

Here's the secret - look for the "Make an offer" watches and make him an offer, but don't lowball it, look around and make a reasonable offer. Some of the watches they have are auction only, others have the Make an offer.

On one hand, I don't want to reveal a good source, but on the other hand, making more Zodiac lovers is a good thing! :-!
I'm in love with the case and dial, but the hands. Does um, any one think the minute hand is a little, phallic? Does it look better in person?

Hey, this is a Zodiac! It's a MAN'S watch!! ;-)
Update - I lost the strap keeper on mine somehow :think: and couldn't find another.

It dropped off after the first time I wore it, so be careful.

I ended up ordering a new 26 mm silicone dive strap and a Pan-style leather strap from Panatime both hefty 5 mm thick...
Please post pics when you get them. Thanks!

How'd that keeper fall off I wonder. Kids in the house? Mine does not fit over the buckle.
I have no idea - total mystery! How can a keeper simply come off? I wore it once, put it in the watch box, next time... I go to buckle it and the keeper is gone! Very strange - Z-FREAK says I have keeper ghosts in the house!

I guess I'm going to have to lock the watch boxes at night! Anyway, hoping the new straps will look just as good...or better!
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