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Best 50 bucks I ever dropped!

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Scored this Zodiac "Renegade" for $50.00, brand new, with warranty. I've noticed the internet photos of Zodiacs do not do them justice - not sure if I did any better, the first photo was trying to be moody but I guess came out too dark.

I took a chance on this watch because it reminded me sort of like a 1960's flower child version of that famous square case dive watch. But this thing is a beauty, a solid hunk, 100 m (claimed) waterproof and one of those watches that you put on and it instantly feels perfect.

50 bucks! Not everyone's cup o' tea, I'm sure, but I'm happy :-d

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FANTASTIC watch bro!

I have the black dial version!

Don'tcha dig that big, thick strap?

Sure do, that makes it I think - another well-kept Zodiac secret watch! Can you post a pic of the black version?
Here is the black one you requested Sodiac...

And here I featured in a Sig a few months back...

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Haven't quite figured that out yet - can't see in there. Maybe Z-Freak knows? The band is nice, thick leather, so no plans to replace it although I wonder what it might look like on rubber...
It's a spring pin just like any other strap watch...u just have to push the leather back a bit to get to it!
I'm in love with the case and dial, but the hands. Does um, any one think the minute hand is a little, phallic? Does it look better in person?

Man...are u being serious? :-x
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