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Hi folks.

I'm a lurker here on WUS, a watch fetishist if you will. I thought today I'd share my impressions of the 40 odd divers that I've had and flipped in the last couple of years as a kind of 'best and worst'. Now please don't go getting offended, these are purely my impressions only on the watches that I have owned. I've had lots more than those listed.

Best Lume (non tritium): First edition plain bezel Benarus Ti47 - man that thing glowed like the sun.
Worst lume (non tritum): Obris Morgan Nevon - hard to tell if there was any lume at all

Best Lume (Tritum): Luminox Navy Seal - for my money, the redeaming feature of this watch
Wost Lume (Tritium): Ball Skin Diver - fantastic watch, but the tritum is dull compared to some

Best case shape: Citizen BN0000 - beautifuly smooth, contoured monocque case
Worst case shape: Zinex Heliox Super Sub 2500m diver - looks fantastic but guaranted to peel skin off your wrist in 5 hours or less

Most impressive for the price: Ball Skin Diver - fantatic looking, classical lines and finished beautifuly OR Helson Turtle: Like a DS3, just better and finished immaculately.
Least impressive for the price: Tag Aquaracer 300m / Omega Skyfall PO - I've owned both, the Tag did nothing for me, the Omega, whilst being nicely finished seemed way too expensive and too bling

Best hand shape: Has to go to the SKX007 - I just can't get enough of those arrow hands. I end up using them on all kinds of other watches - plus their lume rocks.
Worst hand shape: Oris Ti1 - I just hate skinny sword hands now, super hard to see when you are diving and why do a gloss black edge if you have a dark dial? Duh.

Best bezel movement: This is a hard one, I'm torn between the Artego 500 m and the Citizen Excalibur, both of which have action like butter. I'd probably give it to the Artego in a pinch
Worst bezel movement: Benarus Moray 44' Bronze, great watch but I found the half coin edge bezel (only 2-3 mm of serations rather than 4-5mm on the 47s) hard to grip and very stiff.

Most comfortable to wear overall: Squale 50 Atmos - why can't other companies make casebacks like Squale. Lots of things went wrong with mine, but it is still the most comfortable watch I've got.
Least comfortable to wear overall: UTS 2000m - come on folks - if you've got one you know what I'm talking about. Hard edges on a super heavy watch? Really. Doesn't even look good on a NATO.

Best watch for overall day to day wear: Hands down the Helson Shark Diver 40 (which I am wearing now). Very comfortable, well finished, robust Miyota movement (great if you surf or bodysurf before work every morning), screw bars and screw pins for the solid link bracelet and looks really schmick in a grey dial. I also think it will look bad ass when it gets some scratches, as opposed to some that need to stay looking pristine
Worst watch for overall day to day wear: Hmm, so many to choose from. Probably the Omega Skyfall PO. I was scared to breathe on it wrong lest it scratch, no way I would surf or bodysurf with it. Too wide to fit comfortably under my cuffs.

I haven't put a favourite watch here... I can't decide. This is just my list, come on, what are the best and worst that you've honest!!

Just a few:


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