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Best Holiday Deals on Watches?

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Not sure if this is the place to post this, but how about some good tips on holiday sales?

I can start it off with this -- if you promise not to laugh! is giving 20% off, plus a 20% rebate, plus free shipping. I have 2 Timex Expeditions that are my all-around, general purpose knockabout watches. 10 year battery life and they keep great time! And if they get lost, stolen, break, etc., who cares?

They have some interesting stuff there, like time/tide/compass watches. Hey, times (get it?) are tough, so cheaper may be better... and a watch is a watch -- to a fanatic, they're all good!

Anyone know of other retailers with good deals for the holidays?
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Try some of those sites that list thousands of watches like:

There's usually a massive selection ranging from reasonably priced to ridiculously expensive.

What sort of watch are you after?
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