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Best of Ali-Xpress STRAPS (bracelets)

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I've ordered many straps from Ali, but usually they were just OK. I'd love to hear about more straps/bracelets that people thought were fantastic for the price

Every now and then good straps are discussed in the AliX thread. But I thought it would be very useful to compile them in its own thread. I'll start off with some usual suspects, and can update along the way.




*Croc/Alligator-grain (calf)*

decent entry-level crocodile:

I've yet to hear someone rave about a bracelet they got off Ali.
HENGRC seems to have some decent ones for ~$13.

Was mainly curious about leather and bracelets, but if people have some particularly good NATOs, Rubber, Nylon, or even clasps etc, share em!

i.e. this seems to the default quality waffle rubber that I might buy:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
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I have two of the fluoro tropic straps incoming from Juelong. I have doubts about them being fluoro, but the feedback seems positive and they are cheap - so what ever. I also have one of their more common fluoro straps coming too.
Will report back when they arrive next year...
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@Techme To me, they feel quite different from the other synthetic rubber (not silicons) material of the straps that I have/had (Borealis, Isofrane, Biwi, Isofrane, Uncle Seiko, Dagaz, Seiko, Barton Elite) and these are my first 'fluorinized rubber' so I assumed that these are legit. Is there any way to test the composition, or at least compare against something that is definitely fluorinized rubber (Viton gaskets)?
I already have one fluorine strap and it feels great. Doesn't attract dust, is very comfortable and conforms to wrist very well. The texture is nice to compared to silicone. If the tropic straps I bought are fluorine as advertised, I'll be impressed no doubt.
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I thought I'd save some money by ordering a jubilee bracelet from alixpress for my seiko 5. Just received it today and while the quality is ok for the $15 I paid, it is impossible to resize. It has broken my watch pin removal tool and two small screw driver tools that cost more than the bracelet itself. I dont want to spend any more on it so I wont take it to a shop. If anyone has any tips please let me know or this thing would very soon go under a hammer.
I second soaking it in oil. Also, are you pushing the pins in the correct direction?
Thanks for posting this. (y) Many of us suspected exactly this of the CNS "Made in Sweden" straps, but I don't know anyone had proof yet.
I don't think anyone actually believes that CNS are made in Sweden. Perhaps the buckles are attached. The labour required would make the margins too thin. I think there has been several examples in the Aliexpress thread of people who have provided evidence of the origins of CNS and Straps Co. (Is that the correct brand?)
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I was adjusting my PD1661 clasp and the clasp springbar took a one way ticket to nowhere land. Can anyone guide me toward affordable Rolex-style clasp spring bars? Appreciate it.
Won't any spring bar do the job. Just measure the length across the clasp. If you're uncertain of the width I'm sure someone in the Aliexpress thread or a Pagani thread can sort you out. Might be worth getting one of those spring bar kits from Aliexpress that has every size known to man.
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Ordered two straps from AliExpress, three weeks passed none has arrived...

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Depending on shipping method, normal for me is 3-4 to Australia. Faster now since COVID started and prices factor in faster shipping or higher shipping prices. Used to 4-6 weeks for me.
Copied over from the Aliexpress thread:

Finally got around to sizing the Phylida on the new bracelet with female endlinks. To be blunt, the original one that shipped with the ridiculously bulbous, male endlinks was a piece of junk. I refused to wear it and it still sits in the plastic it arrived in.

The finishing is not the best in a couple of areas, but the rough spots are underneath or hidden. I can live with that. The centre links are actually three parts. A few links have been a little bit sticky, but I’m sure they’ll loosen up with time and are not noticeable on the wrist.

It still comes with the diver’s extension. Surely, on this watch, that is an idea that could only be cooked up by someone with a smooth brain. As such, there are no additional holes in the clasp for a precise fit.

It articulates very well and feels comfortable. Some taper would improve the comfort, but that’s a personal thing. I’ve been quite happily wearing it on a black tropic, but visually the new bracelet looks sporty and gives a touch of class.

For the record, I think that the name Phylida sounds like an STD. Fair to say this watch has been just as contagious.

24.1US $ |NEW Bracelet for Phylida Moonwatch (Female end links)|Watchbands| - AliExpress

PS - There's one black Speedy left in the store right now! 182.0US $ 40% OFF|40mm Men's Watch ST19 Mechanical Chronograph Stop Watch Black Dial Wristwatch Speed Classic Wristwatch Solid Stainless Steel|Mechanical Watches| - AliExpress

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Here's one of the pictures I mentioned that I was too lazy to upload earlier.

Google "Kvarnsjo Leather Sweden" and see which strap retailer comes up.
Also, look at their product page here. The backing on my strap is different but the markings are the same. Also, both straps have quick release spring bars and the exact same tang buckle and keeper arrangement, as well as identical stitching and color... If they're not from the same source, the AliX strap is a damn good fake.

All better news for us IMO. AliX shipped faster to me (Western CONUS) than CNS and was ~$6.50 during 11.11. That beats CNS prices on that product by a good margin, considering that I didn't have to pay for tracked shipping.

EDIT: The other strap that I got from the same listing (that beige one at the bottom of the picture) isn't marked at all on the backside. So the markings aren't consistent across options in that listing, which explains your discrepancy.
CNS straps, like above, have definitely been sold on AliExpress before and posted in this thread. It was a while ago though.

This should be no real surprise though. Of course CNS are of Chinese origin.
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I have to put my hand up as being ignorant here… I mentioned above that I’m about to order a few straps, some rubber. I haven’t had a ‘rubber’ strap since I was a kid (probably actually plastic), one did come on my Protrek, but I swapped it for a nato.

I’ve learned (from this thread) that Fluorine is the way to go, for some reason I’d thought silicone was good too, but it sounds like I’m mistaken. What are the best materials? Is Fluorine really the only one worth bothering with?

Fluorine is the way! But be careful, it does go by other names too. FKM is another common name.

I find FKM to be soft, pliable and lint free. Additionally, I find the cuts of the moulds are more precise and trimmed perfectly.
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I was actually pretty pleased with that one originally, but my opinion has changed since. I don’t mind stamped rubber, but the strap is poorly constructed and the loop around the buckle started to fall apart.

If you’re looking for a 23mm sailcloth, there are some sellers with straps meant for BP Fifty Fathoms that you could try.

Damn, I bought the likaidini based on your initial glowing review. This was to be my first sailcloth strap. It won’t be a daily wearer, so hopefully it will help me figure out if sailcloth is my thing.
Well here are the decent ones.

This sailcloth with an omega style clasp.

Feels thinner and more flexible than the other ones, I measure at 4.3mm to 3mm. I think I prefer thicker/stiffer ones that hold there shape. Clasp centers alright on my wrist using 3rd tightest hole but tends towards 12. Still comfortable though due to the strap tucking under the buckle.

Edges seem to be sealed pretty well, unsure how well they hold up.

Material is proper nylon, though you’ll notice one of the stitches on the left are double stitched. Overall, comfort/flexibility is similar to that stamped rubber one, but material and finishing is better, especially around spring bars & buckle loops. And it comes with a clasp. That IWC strap is still king though.

Next is this FKM. Unsure if someone already suggested it, but it’s nice. Not much to say - the finishing is good, it’s thick but flexible, edges are smooth. Nice simple look.

And lastly, these came in. Hopefully none of them are defective.
I have that FKM strap. I got from Juelong I recall. It’s definitely one of my favourites. It’s very pliable, super smooth and will an excellent buckle.
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Got a bit of a haul from Juelong this week, here they are in no particular order (I won’t apologise for lots of big pics, that’s what we’re all here for, right?!):

I got three of these perlons, one in red, blue & green, their hardware is on par with other cheap perlons, the weave looks a (small) step up though. Colours are nice, the green is much brighter than I’d expected though:

Two of these, one in khaki and one RGB Bond. They’re quite thick, very solid straps, no taper though so they seem extra bulky, especially with such solid hardware. The finishing around the spring bars is just ‘ok’, I’ll expect to see some fraying if they come on and off a lot.

Having said They’re big and bulky, they are still quite comfortable, I’d bought them for my SD1970 which I love on a single-pass, except adding any material under it raises it up just enough to lose a bit of its comfort… so any comfort lost by the bulky strap is made up for by the comfort retained one keeping the Willard against your skin.

I’m not really happy with the colour of the Bond, it’s too bright, the red is almost orange, here’s a pic of it compared to a more ‘standard’ RGB Bond:

I had been looking at a couple of these in different stores, ended up going with the Juelong to get everything in one package, but I missed that theirs doesn’t taper, and comes with black hardware, oops!! I’ve swapped the hardware with the previous bond for now.

The leather seems genuine, the nylon is a really nice, tight weave, very thick and sturdy, should hold up well to a regular bashing… but again, no taper and the large hardware make it feel unbalanced on any ‘average’ sized watch (IMO)

Basic nato in khaki, hardware, stitching and nylon seem pretty much identical to my Cheapest Nato Straps ones, but for $3AUD!

Very smooth nylon, a lot thinner than I had expected, and I’ll be honest, it took me a minute to get my head around the setup with the floating keeper . On that, the keepers are folded, a little pressure and they bend pretty easily, I imagine they’ll give out the first clumsy moment when I get it caught/banged on something.

I have to admit, this is my first rubber strap I’m almost 30 years! Very happy with it, much nicer than the plasticy-rubbers I remember as a kid!

On the whole I am happy and recommend most of these, but that’s no news to you guys, Juelong is a bit of a staple around here! My one observation is that their quick release bars seem pretty cheap, I think I’ll be swapping most of them out for standard bars.
Nice haul and thanks for the write-up! Pretty diverse range for all occasions.

The first thing I do when I get any of these AliExpress straps is to replace the spring bars. I find the tips are always too narrow, so I replace them with better quality bars that are more snug. I pull the handle off the quick release spring bars with some pliers.
Damn, that sucks! You probably can’t go back and check the listing if the store has ’shut’, but it would be interesting to see what the specs looked like; I’ve found that often the material listed in the specs is more honest, maybe so that if they get a dispute on a listing that said ‘cow leather’ they could rebuttal with “it’s ‘cow leather print’, specs state PU leather”.
Go into your “Orders” page, find your item and click on the “order details” in the top right corner for your item. Next, in the bottom right corner of the thumb nail picture, there is a little camera icon. Click the camera icon and you get a snapshot of when you bought the item.

This is helpful if the seller has modified the page in any way. Good luck.
I bought the 18mm version of that ^ and although quality was good, I just didn't find it comfortable.

Omega-style, and a good butterfly are still the only deployant ones I wear/wore.
I bought the 18mm version of that ^ and although quality was good, I just didn't find it comfortable.

Omega-style, and a good butterfly are still the only deployant ones I wear/wore.
You mind posting a link to an Omega deployant clasp.

Like this?

AU $10.92 25% Off | 16 18mm 20mm Deployment Watch Buckle for Omega Leather Strap Rubber Band Black Silver Gold Steel Folding Clasp Accessories Tools
Clasp is the weak link, I added a cheap AliX clasp - still stamped, but milled inside sections.

View attachment 16936767
View attachment 16936768
View attachment 16936766
I tried out one of those straps a few years ago. It was comfortable, but being silicone I had to rinse it more than I do my FKM straps now. I do remember the clasp being one of those terrible folded ones as you mentioned. It had more rattle than a baby’s toy shop. I still have an unused one in my strap box, so I might give it another go some day.
After an extensive use of more than ... 2 days, I can say this strap is quite good for the money (7-8$) and is actually leather, the quick-release is handy. I would stay away from black though, I had a different model from the same seller in black and brown, and only the brown was real leather. If you have a large wrist it might not fit as I have to use the last or the hole before the last.

View attachment 16952118 View attachment 16952122

Quid pro quo ... Anyone know a good, cheap NATO or Zulu on AE that doesn't get split ends around the holes after just a couple of days of usage and has a decent stiffness and thickness to it? I had a good one delivered with my Ochstin that was shiny, and had a bit of thickness to it so it doesn't feel like a thin piece of cloth, but no matter where I bought the cheaper ones, they looked like crap after a few days of use.
I have a couple of the ribbed natos and they are fantastic. There’s no fraying around the holes or end. They are cheap as chips too. On AliExpress the hardware in the photos is always polished, but I can assure you that it is brushed. I removed the unnecessary additional loop from the strap and sealed the cut with a lighter.

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Thanks @Techme , this looks interesting, can you please share the link?
The store I used is OOS, but there's many other stores selling the same thing of course
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thank you very much
for me the comfort and softness are way more important than the water stuff. and i always cut the extra, safety part so the total thickness is not an issue.
on the other hand CNS has this ribbed in mustard color i like. hopefully can be seen soon on ali as well.
I find the ribbed straps more comfortable than the seatbelt ones. The reason is that ribbed natos are a bit more rigid - not hard though. I almost exclusively wear divers, so unless the holes are in the perfect location on the seatbelt nato, the watch head can flop around more. Plus, the seatbelt natos are thicker and jack the watch up.
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This topic is gold. Just read the last 15 pages and added some straps to my cart. The only missing item is a SS bracelet. Are you guys not into metal straps or it is just hard to find good ones in AE?
The SS straps can be very hit and miss. You can always find a watch for a strap, but some SS bracelets become paper weights. I have to admit I have a few collecting dust, mostly from the early days when I was indecisive and less knowledgeable.

Plus, a lot of people still want solid endlinks and those of course are hard to marry up to the watch head - unless it is a straight up Sub homage.

Sometimes you also have to factor in the clasp, which again can be hit or miss or perhaps need upgrading to a glide lock style - if that’s your thing.

Given the option I always buy the factory SS bracelet, but for watches without a bracelet I don’t mind hollow endlinks. Just make sure you buy the reviewed watches with photos. Sometimes you’ll even discover bracelets that fit watches other than the one intended.

The number and quality of the watches on AliExpress has certainly improved, but you can still expect to pay big dollars for ‘OEM’ or fake OEM bracelets (Seiko) of more obscure watches.

Definitely post some bracelets you have discovered though.
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