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Best watch around $100?

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Hello! I am new to this forum. I am sorry if this has been asked a hundred times. Anyway, onto my question. I am looking for a watch for around $100, preferably one that is automatic. The one that I am looking at right now is the Orient Black Mako with rubber strap. I also was thinking about getting a leather or nato strap, not sure that i'd like the rubber. Anyways, would you agree that the Mako is the best in my price range? At first I wanted a swiss made watch, but I found out quickly that you can't get a swiss automatic for $100, only a swiss quartz. Any replies are appreciated! :)
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Probably an Orient or a Seiko (5) when it comes to autos.

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Lots of people are going to say Orient Mako is best automatic for $100. (There's really only a handful of watches that are going to be mentioned.)

On sale, you may get it with bracelet for less than $100.
You may also want to agonize over whether you want the blue or black. ;-)
Hello, ericphillips. You 're right. For around $100, Mako is the best automatic watch we can find.
Any good chinese... preferably Seagull, BWAF, or Shanghai ones.
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For me it's either an Orient Mako or a Vostok Amphibia. Most will probably choose Orient over Vostok though. Both are excellent watches.
Probably an Orient or a Seiko (5) when it comes to autos.

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Orient or Seiko 5 for sure. I got this one for a friend and it was under $100 (still is). I'm impressed with the timekeeping and quality at this price point.
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I have a mako and love it. Watch for it to go on sale at amazon, you can probably get a bracelet version for $100. IMO I would stay away from chinese or russian autos.
I would recommend a late model Seiko 5 with the 4R36 movement, even though they are usually a bit more than the older Seiko 5 with the 7S36 movement.
You can find a nice Sea-Gull or Shanghai for $100. For even less ($20-40) you can find an HMT watch. I love mine :). I have three more on the way.
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