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hi guys this next statement is from the computer and it forum at ebay its about the report button in ebay
heres the link as well to the forum

Early yesterday I was on ebay looking through the auctions.
I ran accross one I knew was a scam in the "Desktop PC's" so I clicked on the "Report" link.
All that happened was a white box flashed quickly on and off of the screen.
I then copied the auction number and reported it using a different method.
I was using a unit I had just installed the OS on.
All that was on the unit was XP,CCleaner,Ad-Aware AVG Anti-Virus and TweakUI.
Everything had been freshly installed and updated on a formatted HD.
When I was done looking through auctions I turned the unit off.
I turned the unit on this afternoon.
As soon as XP finished starting I saw a white box flash on and off of the screen.
I immediatly ran Ad-Aware.
Very shortly after it started AVG popped up a virus warning.
I clicked on "Heal" and got the message that it had been "Healed".
After Ad-Aware finished I restarted the unit.
The POST halted with the error message "Floppy seek failure".
I tried restarting it with the same results.
I restarted it again and tried to enter the bios setup.
I got the "Entering Setup" notice and it just hung there .
I sat there and while I was looking at it it finally went into the setup.
I disabled the floppy and exited the setup.
The unit then booted to the XP desktop where I was once again greeted by the on and off flash of the white box.
once again I tried Ad-Aware.
Once again I got a virus warning.
I took a good look at the "File Name" which was several numbers with a .exe extension.
I then located the file which AVG had indicated was in a Temp file and deleted it .
I then did a full scan with AVG which came up clean.
I then restarted the unit.
As soon as the desktop was loaded I once again saw the white box flash !
This time the mouse didn't work.
after using the keyboard to shut down and restart it was the same routine only that time neither the keyboard or the mouse worked.
After a "hard" shutdown and restart the unit froze with a "Lan Failure" message.
After trying to restart it again I got nothing, nada,zip ,zilch.
Apparently the BIOS have been totally destroyed.

The computer had only been on the following sites in this order,Avg Free Home [DL'ed AVG then installed and updated it],installed Ad-Aware from a disk and updated it,Windows Update where I did the updates for XP and eBay.

After I determined the unit is now a doorstop I removed the HD attached it to another unit,booted off a 98 bootdisk and deleted the partition then formatted the drive.

I am reasonably sure that since the white box that flashed on and off of the screen when I clicked on the "Report" link was exactly the same as the white box that flashed on and off the screen when the unit was restarted after being turned off and back on that I picked up a devestating virus .

If you report a auction for any reason and see a white box flash on and off of your screen I would strongly recommmend wiping the HD immediatly.
Apparently it is something that can't be removed and it's better to lose what's on the HD then the motherboard.
If you have a motherboard that has the option to "Write Protect" the Bios I'd recommend you make sure that option is enabled !

hope this helps you guys so beware when reporting fakes or you might get more than you bargained for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-s

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Thanks for the heads up dingosrun. This might be a good post to place in the cafe too?

That's why I try to get into the habbit of hovering above a link and reading where the redirect is. That and trying to keep an up to date anti-virus.

Scary stuff.
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