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Hi I'm new to this forum and have signed up to try and get some more information on my watch. The make is Bifora and appears to be a hand wind mechanism with 17 jewels. it belonged to my grandfather and must be in excess of 40 years old. There are no other complications. It is gold plated 20 microns. I was wondering if any members could tell me more about it and if I were to sell, where should i advertise it and what sort of price it is likley to fetch. I lighlty wound it and it does work. The width including the winder is 32mm. I tried to include a picture but can't work out how to attach a photo.

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"Still in production" is missleading. The "new" Bifora has nothing in common but the name and the location.

Bifora history:

Founded by Joseph Bidlingmayer in 1900, first as bijouterie store but very soon Bidlingmeyer started to produce watch cases.
Already in 1918 Bidlingmayer employed about 70 employees producing wrist watches with Swiss movements, and a growing number of parts made in-house. In 1928 the first own movment was designed the calibre 2025, the first German wrist-watch movement with lever escapement.
During World War II Bifora produced wrist watches for officers of the "Flotte" (marine) with a silver dial, for the army officers with a black dial (for more info google for Knirim, Bifora). Knirim mentions on page 270, that Bidlingmeier produced some watches for military staff, however these watches are very rare, do feature a "Formwerk" (movement) and have been signed " KM BIDLINGMEIER ". Be warned: In the past there have been some "Frankenwatches" on ebay selling as "KM Bidlingmeier".
In 1951 the first german automatic calibre was launched by Bifora, the Bifora 103 AUT.
In 1955 a top movement was created, the Bifora 120. It was available in 7 grades, up to a
certified "Unima" Chronometer (see this post from 2006:

Bifora became one of the largest watch manufacturers in Germany, in the 60ties about 1000 employees produced up to 4000 watches per day, which had been exported to 42 countries.

After the death of Joseph Bidlingmayer, in the late of 70s the company went bankrupt.

In 1978 the factory was bought by the previous Bifora representative in India. The production first took place in Schwäbisch Gmünd, but moved to Bangalore/India (1983), where HMT is located as well, until 2000.
In 2006 there was the restart of Bifora Uhren GmbH at their historical address in Schwäbisch Gmünd. As of today the Bifora Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH (BIFORA Uhren-Manufaktur) is in the process of re-organizing.

There are some threads here on WUS regarding Bifora, especially about the 115 and 120. Just do a search.
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