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Big trouble with GW-9300GB MUDMAN, please help (photos of the watch dissasembled)

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Hi all,

I've got a second hand GW-9300GB and it seemed to work OK for a whole day. Battery meter was at Medium (M). Suddently I check it out and the screen has gone completely black, buttons don't respond (!)

I've just took a shower with the watch and my first thought is: water got inside. So I dissasemble the watch as quickly as I can to dry the module, etc.

The module looks completely dry. I cannot see any signal of water inside.

So I reset the watch connecting AC with battery. The watch seems to reset OK. The word "CHG" blinks for a while. Then the watch starts to work. Battery meter is at Medium (M).

But BUTTONS DON'T RESPOND. None of them.

I repeat the reset procedure. The word "CHG" blinks for a while. The watch starts to work again. Battery meter is at Medium (M) again.

Still BUTTONS DON'T RESPOND. Digits seem to blink a bit when I press them, which is weird. (?)

I have opened many G-shocks and I am pretty sure the module is properly placed. To ensure that buttons work, I usually press the contacts directly from the module. I do that with GW-9300GB module and nothing happens. Then again, maybe it's because buttons aren't supposed to work if the back plate is not properly closed?

I mean, when I remove the back plate, the display shows the word "OPEN".

Any ideas of what's wrong with my watch?

Another question: After disassembling the watch, I've noticed there's TWO rubber gaskets (!!!).

Auto part

One of them (see it in the right) fits perfectly in place where gasket is supposed to to be. But what about the other one (see it in the left)? I dissasembled the watch very quickly to dry it and I cannot remember where it was placed.

I've checked out these 2 threads, but their authors say nothing about two gaskets.

Any help, please? It's the first G-Shock I've purchased in years. I'm desperate here.

Here's two more photos of the watch:


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Thanks a million in advance,

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So the biggest problem is that the buttons don't respond, yeah? It might be missing a spring from inside the module if someone opened it up completely.
I don't know about this specific module, so I can't tell you exactly where it is (or should be), sadly. The only thing that I do know that the spring I lost in a different module was crazy thin and super easy to lose.

Edit: Kung might also be onto something with the battery. Would still seem strange for the buttons to not work if it's showing M though...
Of course I will keep you posted G-fob, It's the least I can do after your kind help. Thank you all. : )

Battery was a Panasonic and looks exactly like the ones that are provided with solar G's.

It's weird, because as I have said, I used the watch for a whole day and had no problem at all using compass, alarms, etc. I doubt I drained the battery because I exposed the watch to the sun as soon as I got it expecting it to reach H in some days.

If it was just barely on M (not that you can tell if it was or not), then using those functions would push it over the edge. Especially if it was a battery that wont hold a proper charge any more.

As for the second gasket, I think someone opened it before and put it in there for whatever reason. Highly doubt that it'd be a factory defect, it's not even the same shape...
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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