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So I've spent quite some time trying to figure out my next watch purchase. I wasn't sure how much or what brand (company) to go with. I spent time researching and talking to other friends that are watch "people." and I'm pretty sure overall I'm trying to stick with the Tissot brand.

Some requirements (pretty simple)

1) 45mm or larger
2) non leather or non rubber
3) movement not sure - that's my other question

I had a hard time finding a "larger" diameter Tissot all I found were the following:

T-Sport-PRS516-Automatic (Tissot Men's T0446142105100 T-Sport PRS516 Automatic Black Day Date Dial Watch: Watches:

Tissot Seastar Chronograph Automatic Black Dial Mens Watch T0664271705700
(Seastar 100 Tissot Seastar Chronograph Automatic Black Dial Mens Watch T0664271705700: Watches:

Tissot Men's T0244271105100 Veloci-T Tachymeter (Tissot Men's T0244271105100 Veloci-T Tachymeter Watch: Watches:

Quartz version (Tissot Veloci-t Mens Watch T024.417.11.051.00: Watches:

Do you know of more?

The T-Sport PRS516 I really like, but right now do not see myself spending $1000 on a Tissot so I've eliminated that. I do realize there is a quartz version but the body seems to be tremendously smaller. Can someone verify that?

The Seastar 1000 just isn't me

I really enjoyed the Veloci and probably going to move forward with this style from Tissot, but have a a few questions that hopefully some of you can answer with your opinions.
- Overall thoughts on this watch from Tissot? (I haven't seen it in person. I'm trying to find an AD to do so though.)
- Movement? I notice it's about a $150 difference between the quartz and automatic. I understand movement can be a simple perference of the person. I want to go with the automatic, but want to hear what others have to say. I have no experience with automated movement watches, but thinking the time is now. The question- is it worth it? Should I get the auto over the quartz for this particular watch?

Thanks, this would help greatly... I'm trying to head to an AD this weekend.

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The Veloci T uses the ETA C01.211 movement. Same as in the Couturier Automatic Chronograph and PRC200 auto. It's a relatively new movement designed by ETA to make automatic watches more affordable. There's not much info on reliability (longer term). However based on other ETA movements there's no reason to doubt its accuracy or reliability.
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