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Black Titanium PRW1300

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congratulations on ur 1000th post. this all black titanium 1300 is one of a kind. i have not seen it before. im guessing its a 1300G face with black titanium band.

very nice !!
Wow that is nice!!!! If I didn't have the 1300G I would had gone for that in a second!!!! :p:p:p Thanks for the wrist shot :-!

Here's the link:
and now i know. thanks for the link. another day another model to recognize. i didnt know it existed. :-!
Hi there, pal. How you doing today? :-d
im great as you :-!
nothing is better than a greeting from a friend when u log in.
u make my day more enjoyable.

so, i assume u receive ur item today? ;-)
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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