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Black Titanium PRW1300

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congratulations on ur 1000th post.
Oh, cheers, I hadn't noticed!

Damn, it's 1001 now. :-d

this all black titanium 1300 is one of a kind. i have not seen it before. im guessing its a 1300G face with black titanium band.

very nice !!
The watch body is similar to the resin 1300, except that the case is all black. Even the backplate is black!

I brought my pin-remover tool to work with me just so I could adjust the band as soon as I got it. b-)
I like the PRW1300 but this one is def a keeper, just look at just screams.....'Im just a bad mutha-Shut yo mouth!-' lol
That is word-for-word what I said when I first put it on. b-)
I miss the orange buttons on this one but its a very nice watch overall...
I could always swap the watch body with the orange one I have lying around. :-!

There is one thing I really like on this one though. The bezel compass markings aren't shiny, as they are on the other versions. They're glossy, yes, but not metallic-shiny.

I've picked myself up off the floor now. This made me think of Pulp Fiction;
'Which one is it? It's the one that says Bad Motherf***er on it.'

As long as I don't have to use the same watch storage technique that was explained in the film. Oooh!!! ;-)

I don't like black metal G-Shocks, they tend to look a bit too shiny, but on this it looks awesome. I need a bigger watch budget :think:
I can't stop staring at it today. b-)
seem like someone sold his paw1500 for this sexy beast :p
Not really, 'cos I ordered the 1300 before the 1500 had even arrived. :-d

I really love this watch. Stealth, sexy, clean n dressy.
Yes, it seems to suit most environments.
I'd bet it even suits suits :).
Next time I wear one, I'll check! b-)
1 - 8 of 39 Posts
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