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Ok, so I know that's not much information but I'm trying to track down these watches that I saw on eBay a few years ago. Like i said, from what I can remember, they were all black, analogue, but the most memorable feature was their buttons which were red/yellow/blue spheres. They were by a male designer and from 1970's or 80's. That's about all I can remember, although I've got the name Paul in my head for some reason, though this wasn't the name of the brand.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? I was about to buy a Braun watch....
(Watch BN0087 | Braun Time
... until these popped back into my head!
Actually, while you're here, can anyone name any similar brands to Braun that I may like? I like well engineered simplicity but with just little unique quirks. Big fan of Braun, Mondaine etc but looking for something predominantly all black.

Thanks guys!
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