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Well the Sub LV has now gone to pastures new so I'm yet again in the pleasant yet frustrating position of replacing it.

I've always regretted parting with the last Breitling Blackbird I had and so one option is to get another one? It would clear me out even with a discount and have to be my only expensive watch for the foreseeable future (house move!) but....well you know ;-)

Another route is the Omega Planet Ocean (42mm orange on bracelet but with spare black bezel & strap options) + another watch (for around £2k gbp.)
I would love a pre-owned IWC 3717 but there are none around right now or none that don't come to too much by the time I add UK tax onto them (If sourced outside the EU)
Also an option would be to look for a minty Rolex Seadweller 16600?

So....Is the Blackbird really worth two others (PO + ?)
Is it an awesome but very over priced watch?
Would the PO + 1 be a better idea, after all it gives me two watches to choose from every day and may feel like I have more for my money?
Is the SD the better route even though it would also (like the Blackbird) be my only watch for quiet a while?

It's a tough call and one I want to get right for once.

Your opinions welcome :thanks
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