If you’ve been collecting, reading about, or shopping for watches in recent years, there’s little doubt that the name Bob’s Watches has popped up on your screen at one point or another. The brand is most well known for its dealings in the preowned and vintage Rolex space, but over the years they have expanded to include a much broader offering, including watches from Omega, Panerai, Breitling, and several other luxury brands. That said, the brand isn’t limited to this upper tier—in 2018 the brand started sourcing a wide range of pre-owned unworn Oris watches, that they in turn have offered for sale on a consistent basis at a fraction of the cost of buying new though an authorized retailer. The discounts—averaging between 35 and 50%—proved dramatic enough that grey market retailers were forced to adjust their own pricing to compete with what Bob’s Watches was able to offer.
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After several occasions of covering deals on offer at Bob’s Watches, we came up with an idea. Rather than just cherry picking various watch deals spotted on the brand’s site and funneling them into editorial copy, why not create a curated sales page on the platform specifically geared to the general interests of the Watchuseek readership? Sure, we are all perfectly capable of going onto the site ourselves and poking around, the same way we have always done when chasing that next big watch purchase, but why not have our own centralized hub that speaks more to our community? Granted, given the size and scale of our platform, there are enthusiasts at Watchuseek with interests in just about every type of watch imaginable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try, right?
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Every watch sold by Bob’s Watches is verified for authenticity prior to listing, and is backed by a money back guarantee. Fully insured overnight shipping via FexEx is included for all domestic US purchases, and fully insured shipping outside the US is available (more details here). As someone who has dealt with Bob’s watches on a number of purchases over the last five or six years, my experience has been consistently positive, and I was happy to see this curation project come to life. OK, now on to a few of the watches.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot Day Date
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Publishing this on Flieger Friday, so we had to start with a pilot’s watch. The ProPilot is a staple of the Oris line, and several variants are available from Bob’s Watches for between $995 and $1,095. This particular reference is the 45mm version with a gunmetal grey finish, and is on a black leather strap with a deployant buckle.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra
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We (and countless of you) have talked about the much loved Seamaster Aqua Terra here time and time again, and so often the resounding reply is the same—on specs alone, the Aqua Terra can keep up with (if not surpass) the capabilities of a number of items in the Rolex catalog at a fraction of the price. On the secondary market that price gap gets even wider, with this pre-owned Aqua Terra reference being up for grabs for $3,595. This is one reference that will always have a home in a Watchuseek-focused list, more so than anything else in the Omega catalog at least.

Tissot Heritage Navigator Automatic
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Closing things out, this is arguably the most obscure offering in the entirety of the Bob’s Watches inventory at time of publishing, and that’s exactly why it’s here. Tissot has an interesting history that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves, especially when it comes to its work in the ‘50s and ‘60s. The original Tissot Navigator World Time launched in 1953, and though it wasn’t the first world time watch by any means, it was one of very few in existence during that era. Fun fact, it also predates the Rolex GMT Master. The version we have here was unveiled in 2013, celebrating the 160th anniversary of the brand, and to this day is a bit of a rare bird in the preowned market. For those looking for an out-of-the-ordinary world timer on a budget, this thing isn’t a bad choice for less than $1,000.

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