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BOTTA DESIGN: 25 years of the UNO one-hand watch – the original by Klaus Botta

In 2011, Botta-Design is celebrating 25 years since the invention of the UNO one-hand watch. Only a handful of genuine watch-lovers and industry insiders are aware that the modern one-hand watch was the brainchild of Königstein-based designer Klaus Botta.

When the diversity of wristwatches and watch hands reached its peak in the mid-1980s, Klaus Botta felt that the readability of most watches could hardly get any worse. To create an alternative to the overly complex dials of the time, he chose to pursue a novel display principle: Klaus Botta developed a watch face featuring a specially segmented scale similar to that used by a precise measuring instrument to display a reading. In conjunction with a highly-precise hour hand tailored to this scale, the exact time of day could be read off as a clear measured value – with no need for a minute hand.

At a trade fair, Klaus Botta met Manfred Brassler, owner of the Watchpeople brand at the time, and the later founder of MeisterSinger. Klaus Botta was able to persuade him that his unconventional idea for a one-hand watch would really work. The UNO one-hand watch was the result, and advanced to become Watchpeople’s best-selling and most successful watch.

A few years later, Watchpeople was sold and the rights to the UNO watch were returned to Klaus Botta. The designer decided it was time to sell the wristwatches he designed and developed under his own name.

The UNO triggered a wave of copycat one-hand watches by many other manufacturers, a trend that still continues today. Klaus Botta, on the other hand, takes pride in designing originals – such as his 24-hour one-hand watch UNO 24. He consistently achieves success by innovating in a market full of imitations. Look forward to more genuine innovations from Botta-Design in the future.

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