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Bovet is having a breakthrough year with the release of three important watches with their new in-house movement. The Virtuoso II caliber meets the speci c and unique requirements that characterize BOVET timepieces, such as the reversibility offered by the Amadeo convertible case system. All of the timepieces in the collection provide information on both sides of the movement. One side displays hours, minutes, and seconds as well as the power reserve and allows the movement to be admired. The other side repeats hours, minutes, and seconds andadds any additional complications.


Virtuoso V, released in January, features Jumping hours, retrograde minutes, reverse hand-fitting and double co-axial seconds. One side of the timepiece presents an off-centered traditional display at 12 o’clock, which accommodates the hour and minute hands with the movement display. The seconds cage positioned at 6 o’clock completes the vertical axis with a triple hand, each arm of which successively covers 120° of the scale on its dial. The center wheel and its bridge, visible at 4 o’clock, mirror the balance wheel-hairspring and balance cock, while the power reserve indicator is located at 10 o’clock.


The other side displays the seconds at 6 o’clock and reveal the transparency of their cage. The seconds are shown on both sides of the movement and share the same axis, even though their direction of rotation is reversed. The jumping hour display appears in an aperture in the center of the timepiece. The movement is surrounded by plates that are alternately lacquered and hand-engraved, then staggered in a series of layers until they reach the top dial indicating the hours and minutes. This enables the artisan dial-makers, hand engravers or miniature painters at Dimier (dial company owned by Bovet) to personalize and meet the customization requested by collectors.


Monsieur BOVET was also released in January. It is also based on Virtuoso II caliber, which features a seven-day power reserve and a frequency of 21,600 vph generated by a single barrel. Monsieur Bovet features the reversed hand-fitting and double co-axial seconds. It is 43.5mm in 18k red or white gold and comes with a rhodium plated silver chain so the watch can be worn either on wrist, or as pocket watch, or even as a desk clock.


Virtuoso VII has just been released and features retrograde perpetual calendar, reverse hand-fitting and double co-axial seconds. The movement is constructed of 489 parts. The day and month indicators are on the periphery of the dial and the names of the days and months have been printed in white or black (depending on the color of the dial) on sapphire discs. The retrograde calendar display is positioned outside, yet concentric to, the hours and minutes dial.The calendar hand is placed beneath the hours and minutes dial. Only its arrow is visible, appearing mysteriously on a graduated scale. Finally, the leap year cycle disk, positioned at 12 o’clock, completes the calendar information, mirroring the seconds hand positioned at 6 o’clock.


On the reverse side, the off-centered hours and minutes dial, place the emphasis on the movement, decorated here with circular Côtes de Genève. A power reserve indicator displays the five days reserve.


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