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BR-03-92 Grey Lum - question

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Hello everyone,
Just received my BR03-92 Grey Lum from elady Japan. Everything is perfect and the watch looks great however there is something that bothers me.
If you look at the face of the watch the screws are not positioned at the same angle as the specimen watch on B&R website and most of the other BR-03-92 (non grey Lum model) watches pictures I was able to find on the internet are positioned at the same angle the website one.
However I was able to find one same watch from same year 2020 that has the same angle positioning as mine on chrono24.
Here is what I am talking about:
My watch:
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Clock Measuring instrument

One from the website:
Watch Analog watch White Light Product

And one I was able to find off chrono24 with the same screws alignment as mine:

Now the following are the options here:
1. I bought a fake (I doubt as serial number checks out on the website under the right watch)
2. It is normal for B&R to have such discrepancies in screws angle alignments (I know older models had screws not aligned, but newer ones are all aligned at the same angle)
3. The watch was serviced and watchmaker did not set the screws or bolts at the original angles

I wonder if somebody can help me figure if the watch is genuine and if its normal to have screws like that, I would rather keep it than return it.

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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