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BR-05 pictures

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Apparently they are selling well.... the shop I went to had already sold a grey dial and blue dial watch and only had this one left....


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It's a bold statement. You def have to be comfortable in your own skin wearing that. Because non-watch ppl are gonna be confused and half of watch enthusiasts hate it
It's a good looking and very well designed and well executed watch regardless. If you like how it looks, that's all it matters
I personally love the look of this watch. The price point is starting to come down a bit, which I think is fair value for what you are getting. Cant wait to add this to the collection.
It's growing on me, but still a little too loud for my taste. I guess that's probably why I opted for the V1-92. However, I don't get the hate for this watch. It is not a Royal Oak/Nautilus/Ingenieur clone, and it retains B&R's signature styling.
I too think it is a solid offering. Would love to see it without the date. It is my wife's favorite B&R and she even said she would want to wear one.
My wife and I looked at the model and really liked it. I have several higher-end watches (Rolex, JLC, Panerai, etc.) but this specific Bell & Ross is the one that struck the eye of my wife. Either for me as another watch or for her. In short, they nailed it and the "expert" hate toward the offering makes little sense to me. [...]
Yeah, I think time is on the side of this watch for sure. I personally find it even better looking than the Royal Oak (a watch that I find quite beautiful). The ONLY place I see this watch drawing hate is on internet forums.. But any time I just ask someone randomly "Hey what do you think of this watch?" the reaction is extremely positive. That reaction is what, long-term, is going to ensure that this watch is successful.
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41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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