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BR V2-93 GMT, your thoughts/reviews?

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Hello everyone, this is my first post here in the Bell and Ross section.
So I found this GMT model and fell in love with the sizing and styling, especially the bracelet, but I do have some concerns.
I'd like to ask whether the watch itself is worth the retail/preowned pricing considering it has a Sellita movement which I already have in other lower priced watches and your general reviews and thoughts on the case and colours.
I think among all the hype in other brands, this piece seems to have originality and classic styling, just worried about the worth of it few years down the line.
Thank you,
(Pic from watchtime)
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Or you can keep the B&R and add a true GMT to the collection! ;)
If I can afford it, for sure :D
As a French living in Canada, I used to go back to Europe several times a year (pre-Covid) and a true GMT would have been useful indeed. I'll keep the B&R for the time being, as it's very practical to have both times, but once we can fly in good conditions again, I might sell it to fund a true GMT :p
I'm also French in Canada.. In Toronto. And I also travel a lot to France as I work in West Africa, so on my way to sites I would stop in France every other months. Just did my first trip in over a year, so I'm completing today my 14 days quarantine..

Back to the watch, I don't mind not having a "true" GMT fonction actually, since I switch both local hour and GMT hour when travelling. It seems the true GMT is very practical when you do multi destination trip, so that every time you land in a different time zone you can change the local hour hand with the 1h increment, and keep the GMT on home. The cheapest option is probably the Omega SMP GMT from 2006-2010, and this was the one I was hesitating between B&R and Omega. You can find it used at aounr 3000USD, so not too much of a stretch compared to the B&R. But I just like the design of the B&R much better.

And yesterday I received the black dial version! Now that I have both in hand, I definitely prefer the black dial (so I'll be selling the blue dial soon if anybody is interested).


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On another note, I also bought the black Tropic rubber strap from TROPIC, the real thing (not the ones from Watchgecko, Uncle Seiko, or anybody else). It's amazingly supple and confortable! At least as much as the B&R tropic styled rubber strap, if not better. Even the buckle is nicely finished, with brushed and polished surfaces. The only thing it lacks compared to the B&R is the B&R logo.

Can't wait for the summer months to wear my watch on the strap at the cottage.

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I shall try my B&R on a tropic strap as well. The bracelet is really nice but I think I'll be scared to scratch it during outside activities. A rubber strap is a safe choice for the summer :)
I bought my V2-93 one month ago and it has been on my wrist almost non-stop since then. I just love it.

-- the weight and bracelet feel great on my wrist
-- the bold 3-6-9-12 font and B&R logo look fantastic
-- I really use the GMT function to know at a glance the local time for my Asian colleagues.

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And it's fun under UV light...

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