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bracelet for HRV LRRP Circle Y

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I posted this in the bracelet/strap forum abut realize that this is probably where I should have asked first. I recently picked up a Circle Y LRRP and try as I might, for this type of watch I want a bracelet with fitted endlinks. The ones that came along are folded and do not really fit so well. Is there something that people are using/have available?

TIA and a shot of some of what I have tried
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Added in edit: So, epic reading comprehension fail on my part. Your watch does have the HEV (HRV) installe️d 🤦‍♂️

Reading through old threads, it seems that the endlinks need to be filed to fit the HEV version LRRP. I have a feeling that the channel thorugh the endlink for the spring bar would need to be bored out to accept the screw bar as the screw bar is quite a bit more substantial than the spring bar (going from memory - I no longer have the HEV version).

Does your watch have the HEV on the side of case at around 8:00? Here's my first LRRP Mil-sub with the HEV, showing the position of the HEV:
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If so, there is no MKII bracelet option for the watch (though some members have modded their watches to accept the MKII bracelet). If there is no HEV on the side of your watch, the LRRP bracelet is still available from the MKII shop under accessories. If you search this forum, I believe there is a thread on modding the HEV watch to accept the bracelet.

Here's my second LRRP Mil-sub (no HEV) on its MKII bracelet with SEL, showing fitment:
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PS consensus seems to be that there is no 3rd party bracelet with fitted endlinks that fits this case well.
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