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bracelet for HRV LRRP Circle Y

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I posted this in the bracelet/strap forum abut realize that this is probably where I should have asked first. I recently picked up a Circle Y LRRP and try as I might, for this type of watch I want a bracelet with fitted endlinks. The ones that came along are folded and do not really fit so well. Is there something that people are using/have available?

TIA and a shot of some of what I have tried
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Rather late to the party but there is a way to fit the mkii bracet to the case it involves modification ie metal removal but I honestly don't know exactly what. A long time back I had one where this had been done. Long since sold as well. Since I didn't do the work I can't say more, but it fit perfectly. IIRC I was told it really wasn't a big deal to make the mod, but who knows.

Sinn rubber fits great FWIW, don't know if a sinn bracelet would but I've always been curious
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