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So I've set my mind on getting something like this - what I believe to be the nicest Miyota T201/206 case ever:

And since MercadoLivre is absolutely teeming with them, I bet every Brazilian member of WUS and their mother has one of these at home. So if you do, and are willing to sell it - whether you're from Brazil or not ;) -, please get in touch. To save some money, and because I've got a spare T201 lying at home, I'm primarily looking for a non-working example but if you're looking to sell, don't let that stop you.

As far as the condition is concerned, anything beyond good is fine - I'd like to try to avoid deep scratches and worn-out bezels, but signs of wear and use are perfectly fine. Also, the picture above is only a guideline - any stainless steel case design is potentially of interest to me, and if there are PVD examples around, so much the better.

Thanks in advance for your offers, I'll consider any and all.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts