Today, Hong Kong-based independent watchmaker and design company Anicorn announced the newest series in their watch collection: the K452.

Anicorn was founded in 2013 by graphic designer Joe Kwan and entrepreneur Chris Chan in order to combine design, typeface, and mechanism with simplicity and contemporary style. Their first watch, the Series 000, was successfully funded within 5 days on Kickstarter, and has been featured in design and lifestyle publications worldwide.
Celebrating one of the greatest scientific discoveries to date, Anicorn’s K452 honors Kepler-452b, an exoplanet that was found under NASA’s Kepler & K2 project. Utilizing a revolutionary concentric-disc system the K452 ditches watch hands, opting to display time through beautifully simple rotating discs, serving as an homage to Kepler’s discovery of the mechanics of orbital movements in space. The discs illustrate the relationship between time and space as they pass numbers resembling planets orbiting the sun.

In exchange for donations on Kickstarter, backers can get their very own K452 watch starting at the super early bird price of $249 USD (early bird $299 USD, Kickstarter exclusive edition $399) . The watch will feature gold, silver, and black metallic concentric discs, all in different compositions for each edition. It will also feature the K452 typeface “Coupé,” engineered by French design studio Nouvelle Noir, which subtly pays tribute to space vehicles through its design, giving the watch a celestial familiarity. Anicorn will offer Kickstarter backers four watch styles, all in metals resembling the metallics of space suits: Solar, Luna, Dawn, and the Kickstarter exclusive Interstellar. Backers have the option of complementing their watch with either a black leather strap with three “planet buttons” or Milanese mesh bracelet available in brushed, polished, and DLC black. These straps are easily interchangeable thanks to Anicorn’s smart docking system.

The K452 requires no battery. Instead, it runs on the wearer’s natural movement, winding itself as one moves. Driven by Miyota Calibre 9015— a high grade and high frequency model—this small winding motor allows for a smooth spinning with great accuracy. Each watch also comes with a smart docking system, which allows the wearer to interchange bracelets to suit different styles. A limited number of watches on Kickstarter will even include the K452 telescopic auto winder, which winds the watch as it rests encased in a beautiful metallic body with a viewing window.

Every watch on Kickstarter will come packaged with a K452 astronaut badge, a laser-engraved metallic card that is individually numbered and issued as a document for warranty. The K452 series will maintain Anicorn’s reputation of quality, groundbreaking design, mechanics, and emphasis on innovative typeface.

You can visit K452 Kickstarter campaign here