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Bremont’s ambassador the freediver Sara Campbell breaks the world record diving to 96m

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Bremont's ambassador the freediver Sara Campbell breaks the world record diving to 96m

April 2009

Following the announcement in November 2007 that the British World Champion Freediver, Sara Campbell would be working with Bremont to develop a testing programme for their range of mechanical watches, Bremont can now confirm that Sara has returned this April to reclaim her World Records in her quest to be the first woman to dive to sub 100m on one breath.

3rd April 2009: - Sara Campbell, the 37 year old World Champion freediver, who stunned the world in 2007 after taking three World Records, in under 48 hours, and just nine months after taking up the sport, has finally reclaimed her position as the world's best female freediver, with an astounding breath-hold dive to 96m (316 feet) in 3 minutes and 36 seconds on Thursday 2nd April.

After a stunning year in 2007, marking Sara's three World Records and seeing her become World Champion, she had to take an enforced break in training and record-breaking due to her mother's death in 2008. Sara said:
"It is impossible to train without 100 percent mental focus and last year that just wasn't possible. I had to sit by and watch as my World Records were taken from me, but I am determined to be the first woman to dive to sub100m in Constant Weight. I know I can do it, it's not a matter of 'if' but 'when'."

However impressive Sara's achievement this week, her plan in attending this year's Vertical Blue competition held at Dean's Blue Hole on Bahamas' Long Island was to become the first woman to 100m in Constant Weight.
Sara said: "I'm delighted to have reclaimed my record, but 100m has always been my goal. Yesterday wasn't about the number behind the dive, it was about proving to myself, and the world, that I have what it takes to be the best, to come back from real adversity and show that anything is possible if you can just set your mind to it."

Sara will be attempting to dive to 100m on one breath on or shortly after Monday 6th April. The freediving world will be, quite literally, holding their breath to see if Sara can achieve this remarkable feat.
Bremont set up a testing program which started the extensive development cycle for this new range of marine watches, also testing the current range of aviation watches which are all designed to go down to 100m. A controlled test program enables Bremont to not only examine the water resistance but also the dial and strap designs.

Giles English- Bremont Co-Founder:
"Sara is one of Britain's great sports personalities and for Bremont she epitomises adventure with understated achievement. Bremont however is also looking beyond the association benefits, rarely does a watch get tested out of a laboratory down to these depths but Sara does it three times a week."

Sara Campbell:
"Working with Bremont is an ideal start to my professional career, as we have both achieved a great deal in a relatively short period of time. Bremont has proven its calibre as the best of Britishin luxury watches."

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Well done Sara! :-!

The 100m barrier won't last long b-)
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