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Quintessentially British Swiss Watches
Press Release

Bremont is an all-new watch brand offering a range of highly-developed timepieces of exceptional quality. Each model is designed to exacting specifications, while possessing enduring aesthetic values.

Although Bremont watches are made using only the finest quality Swiss components and are hand-assembled by skilled watchmakers in a dedicated atelier in Biel-Bienne, they contain something which no comparable timepiece can match: an air of quintessential Britishness derived from the background of the brand's founders, brothers Nick and Giles English.

The English brothers are professional aviators who have lived in and around aircraft since childhood, thanks to the enthusiasm of their father, the late Euan English.

Euan English was an exceptional man: an adored father, a talented engineer and, notably, an RAF aerobatic champion and display pilot of the highest calibre. It is to Euan English, who died in March 1995 while practicing for an air display in a North American Harvard, that his sons dedicated the time, thought and energy that have resulted in the Bremont watch - a watch of which the brothers are proud and of which they believe their father would be proud as well.

Why 'Bremont'?

Part of the impetus to create this watch stemmed, perhaps surprisingly, from gratitude. Although Euan English lost his life in that Harvard, his elder son, Nick, was spared: he was flying with his father and sustained multiple injuries in the crash. As the aircraft spiralled to the ground, Giles could only look on before running to help his brother, simultaneously creating a fraternal bond which can never be broken.

The following year, Nick and Giles were back in the air, flying across France in a 60-year-old plane. Bad weather forced them to make an emergency landing in a pea field in the Champagne region.

As fate would have it, the field was owned by a former WWII pilot who, despite his considerable age, remained as passionate about aircraft as Nick and Giles.

Also passionate about horology, he assembled a house full of clocks, and wore a particularly special wristwatch - the one given to him by his father. His name, Antoine Bremont, was chosen to grace this new family of watches because his passions in life exactly matched those of the brothers.

Stories for Years to Come

Perhaps he was an overly-sentimental man, but M. Bremont believed a much-worn, much-loved wristwatch is invariably party to more experiences than any other precious object we own.

The brothers took this on board, and were determined to make a watch which would last more than a lifetime. To that end, it had to be made from the best available materials using the most tried and tested techniques. Indeed, this led to the company's maxim: all Bremont timepieces would be tested above and beyond the demands placed upon conventional wristwatches.

As a result, the stainless steel case of each Bremont is made to an exceptional hardness of 2000 Vickers, meaning it is nine times as durable as an average steel watch case. The anti-reflective, convex sapphire crystal is equally hard and, during the arduous chronometer certification process carried out by COSC, each Bremont watch returned an accuracy level of 99.998%.

The Bremont Family

The initial Bremont watch family comprises three chronograph models: The ALT1-C, ALT1-Z and the ALT1-P. For a classic 'three-hander', Bremont will offer the BS-S1 and BS-F1. As would be expected, each should be regarded as a professional quality timepiece which is sufficiently accurate and durable enough to be used for activities ranging from flying to yachting to mountaineering. In addition to laboratory testing, each model has been tried and quantified 'in the field' by professional adventurers, including the actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, mountaineer Bear Grylls, round-the-world yachtsman Mike Golding, Everest climber Jake Meyer and, of course, aviators Nick and Giles English and their fellow professionals, including pilots of the elite US Navy Test Pilot School.

Available June 2007

The ALT1-C contains a specially modified BE-50AE self-winding movement inside a 43mm diameter case. It has a classic chronograph layout with sub-dials at the three and nine o'clock positions and has been designed to offer exceptional visual clarity with all data available at a glance. Water-resistant to 100 ATM

RRP - GBP £2,950.00

The BS-S1 and F1 ranges contain the BE-36AE non-chronograph, self-winding chronometer movement inside a 39mm case. Its aesthetic follows a classical aviation theme. Water-resistant to 100 ATM

RRP - GBP £1,950.00 and £2,150.00

Available October 2007

The ALT1-P with theBE-53AEmovement represents the perfect choice for professional aviators, with its SuperLumiNova C3 hands and dial markings, internal rotating bezel and three-subdials, and self-winding chronograph movement. Water-resistant to 100 ATM

RRP - GBP £2,650.00

The ALT1-Z is the flagship of the range with the automatic BE-54AE movement, a UTC (universal time co-ordinated) self-winding wristwatch offering dual time-zone display, a three-subdial chronograph, luminous markings and an internal, rotating bezel. Like all watches in the range, the ALT1-Z is water-resistant to 100 ATM

RRP - GBP £2,750.00

Bremont - Tested Beyond Endurance

It has taken more than three years of research and development to bring the first series of Bremont watches from the drawing board to reality. The high standard of finish and attention to detail seen in everything from the hand-cut and engraved winding rotor in the sapphire crystal case back to the meticulous machining of the three-part 'Trip-Tick' cases take considerable time and skill to apply. As a result, no more than 1,000 examples of each model will be produced annually.

An individual record of each watch will be kept at the Biel-Bienne workshops for security and servicing purposes, and all Bremont watches are supplied in beautifully crafted wooden boxes, along with a spare strap, strap changing tool and the accompanying Chronometer certificate.

For further press information and images, to arrange interviews with Nick and Giles English or to obtain samples for editorial photography, please e-mail or call:

Rebecca Fraser
Fraser brand Innovation
+44 (0) 20 7349 9345
[email protected]
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