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Yesterday evening my wife and I attended the Bron Jewelry event at ACE Jewelers in Amsterdam. Bron is a Dutch company that is in the market for many generations, but only started with their jewelry collection some 6 years ago. Their way to combine gemstones in their jewelry designs is recognized by many women who love to wear luxury rings, necklaces, ear rings, and other nice jewelry. All at an affordable price.

The event took place near the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam in one of the three ACE retail stores. Alon Ben-Joseph, CEO and store owner of ACE & Dik transformed his interior into a Bron breathing atmosphere. The people of Bron were there too, to make sure the many visitors got the right attention and the ability to try on as much jewelry as they liked.

Let me show you the photos I took from the event:

Like with all ACE events the visitors are treated well with nice drinks and snacks. On the right the Bron catalogue which shows their current collection.

The very nice people of Bron helping the visitors to try on and decide.

One of the unique selling points of Bron is the way you can combine their jewelry as it is shown above. Every combination is breathtaking.

Bron designs every single piece themselves. Check that setting on the ring. It makes the pearl stand out in full glory.

More beautiful combinations are tried on.

The ever so charming Alon Ben Joseph, CEO of ACE Jewelers and appreciated Watchuseek Sponsor.

A nice overview, and yes, it was busy at the event.

Thank you ACE for another event we enjoyed a lot. Thank you Bron for the great support and attention you gave us and the other guests, we will come and visit you in Naarden soon.

About Bron Jewelry
Bron considers itself lucky: without exception, our customers are women with a sense of style and a zest for color who select jewelry to augment their personality. In addition, they have a keen eye for the versatile nature of the Bron collection. Our jewelry is not meant for special occasions only but can be enjoyed every day. The Bron creative team is proud of the new collection marrying classical lines with a contemporary, colorful twist. We believe in the integrity and beauty of natural materials and will never compromise on our commitment to quality. Bron aims to inspire you. Our collection serves as a starting point for creative dialogue between customer and jeweler. In our workshops in the Netherlands, we have the craftsmanship and color range to subsequently capture your desires in a personal jewel. Bron Sieraden | Fine Dutch Jewelry (English version available)

About ACE Jewelers
Ace Jewelers has been online since 1998 and after 10 years of developing we present a secure and innovative e-commerce website on internet. A website where we try to serve you with the same service you are used in one of our three physical stores. With the launch of our fourth store on internet and the creation of a dedicated sales team for our website, Ace Jewelers Group starts with its new Multichannel strategy. This means that we transformed and evolved from a classical retail organisation into a hybrid enterpris that embraces e-tail (e-commerce), retail and a call center. We decided to implement a new strategy bearing one reason in mind: To serve you in a better and modern way. Here at Ace Jewelers, in name of all our associates and The Ben Joseph Family, we want to welcome you again in one of our three stores in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In case you will not visit the Diamond City of the World, please do note that we ship orders free of charge all over the world. And, for non-EU residents, we even send them tax-free! ACE Jewelers | The exclusive Dutch Online Jeweler - Authorized by each brand on this site
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