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Its time for a BSHT sing along!

Cue up the song Sabotage (link from part 43) and rock out!


Can't stand it!
You know I planned it!
Is my bezel straight,
I'm running late!
Cause 44 be rocking when I'm in here!
Even if yo 'crylic ain't so crystal clear!
Stop sittin' back and lurkin' and give it a try!
Make puns, and fun, and laught till you cry!

Ut-oh, he sees a mirage!
I'm tellin' all-a y'all Rhory's Santa Claus!

So, so, so, don't be a dick, it's our rules or nuthin'!
Post all ya pics with a push of a button!
I'm out.
My money's gone.
Cuz Sager's project go on and on!
What I see, I might not get!
Cuz my FOMO ain't kickin' in yet!
Cruisin' with the top down gettin' bad gas mi-lage!
Parking dat sporty in John's garage!

You may've come here cuz ya wear a watch.
Ya may like leather with your camouflage.
Initiate the newbies with goat massage!
Call'n all-a-y'all with a Sub homage!


Can't stand it!
Or golden sand it!
My stroopwaffle's great with my latte!

I can't stand drinkin' when I'm in this place.
Ya know I feel disgrace when coffee spits out my face!
It was a huge mistake when Thach switched his handle!
When I logged on, thought I'd clicked on the wrong channel!

What could it be?
A Dr. Seuss barrage!
The brothers of the sub, my entourage!

Welcome to the Beastie Song Homage Thread!

Wait, wait, that ain't right! You know where you've landed! If you clicked on something that said "part 44" and are confused then you really need to go back and binge the first 43 seasons!

Want a little more info about the expectations and iterations? Check the opening monologues of a few previous parts. You're tech savvy, you'll figure it out.

Y'all know the rule(s). We had to fight for our right to it, so let's get the party started!

"Truth. Love. Wisdom. 120 clicks." -Nathaniel Johnson-

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Playing a lil Xbox been a loooong time since I did that.

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A sure sign of a clear mind

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I see at least 3 tools I forgot I needed. Thanks for the reminder!

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I echo this a lot. Since I'm starting out on my first ever mod it's great to see what goes into this.

Quick side Q have there been any UK based people on here that have ordered from the US suppliers? I'd love to know if you get charged import tax on dials or cases?

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