Luxury safe makers BUBEN&ZORWEG recently opened the InShop Boutique at Lane Crawford, Harbour City, Hong Kong, one of the most opulent department stores in Asia and one of the busiest hotspots for luxury shopping worldwide.

With the champagne flowing, co-founder of the company Daniel Zorweg, unveiled just some of BUBEN&ZORWEG’s new pieces.  The German luxury safe creator revealed the Grande Infinity – not only a fine timepiece in its own right but an inbuilt safe and Time Mover®, while the Mirage and the Orion safes prove that a safe does not necessarily need to look like a strongbox.

Mr. Zorweg, showed off the creations one by one and explained the brand DNA. VIP customers appreciated the German engineering and craftsmanship at BUBEN&ZORWEG.

BUBEN&ZORWEG has been working with Lane Crawford for over a decade and so the opening of an Instore Boutique was a natural process not only for the store but also for Harbour City at bustling Tsim Sha Tsui, a vast retail destination featuring more than 700 stores and an array of flagship stores concentrated at Canton Road, where's there’s something for everyone, from international designer brands to fine jewelry and watches. Now BUBEN&ZORWEG offers a luxurious venue to savor such treasures.

“The uniqueness of our work is very important to Lane Crawford, therefore, the Grande Infinity is one of BUBEN&ZORWEG's most important masterpieces for them. This fine timepiece is so much more than a clock. It is innovative in design and technology and may I say perfection!”

Daniel Zorweg

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