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Dealers wanted for the states ,UK, F, I, Asia and Australia, please ask about distribution.
The luxury BUND strap you get with our well known Military Aviator straps PLUS the new third BUND part.
We made a different construction for a much higher quality then standard BUND straps Made of the same real Swiss calf leather as the straps
Tropic style with genuine black rubber and Gore-Tex inside for hot & wet climate.
Please don't compare this leather parts or our Aviator straps with the cheap Asian BUND strap copies on the market

BUND pad is available in black or brown tropic style. In 3 different sizes.
Size 1 small (35 x 72 mm) for small watches 29 to 35 mm diameter with 16 - 19 mm straps (lug wide)
Size 2 midsize (40 x 84 mm) for midsize watches 35 to 39 mm diameter with 18 - 22 mm straps (lug wide)
Size 3 BIG (47 x 91 mm) for big watches 39 to 49 mm diameter with 19 - 24 mm strap (lug wide)

Price for one BUND pad is 29.- US $

The matching straps are our well known ss screwed Aviators.

My export prices for the tropic style are.
47. - US $ for one 16, 17, 18 mm strap,
50. - US $ for one 19, 20 mm strap.
52. - US $ for one 21, 22, 24 mm strap.
72. - US $ for one 24 mm / fits on the 22 mm ss buckle from Panerai.

Comes well packed in a registered airmail bubble envelope.
EU citizens have to pay 19 % VAT.
Important Information for our USA Customers: Please ask Nate Griffin our USA distributor at [email protected]

Shipping to the USA & international is 9.50 US $ by registered airmail.
Shipping to EU is 7.50 US $ by registered airmail.
Payment: By paypal, please use my e - mail address for payment : [email protected] ,wire to our account in NYC by the bank of NY, swift, bank cashiers check, wire to our German account, Int. money order, postal money or cash , in registered airmail letter please.
Please ask for our feedback.
Thank you for reading my post we look forward to hear from you. With kind regards from germany Jürgen
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