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by Leo Parker

As industries go, they certainly don't come more luxurious than timepieces. Filled with heritage, rich and revered Swiss brands like IWC, Baume et Mercier and Blancpain, it is difficult to find a more telling status symbol for a man than his choice of luxury watch. It goes without saying that most men will buy a high-end timepiece from the likes of Breitling or Audemars Piguet not just for the visual appeal that it represents but also because of the fact it will serve as an investment and potential heirloom.

Given that many men will buy their first luxury watch around their twenties or thirties, it will have to last many more decades if they intend to pass it on to a future generation. Fortunately, the likes of Rolex, Zenith and TAG Heuer build their timepieces to last and they are exceptionally resilient. There is, however, no accounting for accidental damage that is unavoidable such as a damaged strap or broken face. When it comes to a luxury watch, considering the large outlay you will likely have made on it, it is imperative to make sure you only opt for the best when it comes to repair work. There is a certain artistry to luxury watch repair and, in many ways, it is almost as intricate and delicate a procedure as the creation of the timepiece in the first place.

For those residing in Manhattan, New York, there is invariably only one port of call when it comes to having their luxury watch repaired and that is Manhattan Time Service, just off 5th Avenue. You wouldn't entrust anything you cherish to those who are not fit to carry out the work and this is particularly true of the reparation of high-end timepieces because, without the right tools for the job, there is a high chance of doing more damage than good.

Manhattan Time Service possibly have the ultimate endorsement of their capabilities because ex-President Bill Clinton chose to use their services when the time came to fix his presidential issue timepiece - and you can see the work that this New York watch repair specialist carried out on this extraordinary watch below:

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Manhattan Time Service is a family run business, overseen by master watch repair specialist, Mitchell Lodowski, who has over thirty years of experience in fixing more or less every luxury watch brand under the sun - from Alpina through to Zenith. It is crucial to have a workshop that boasts all the right tools to overcome any issue that you will likely encounter during the repair of a Rolex, Breitling or Patek Philipe watch and, as you can see below, Manhattan Time Service have a highly impressive workshop - which points to the reason why they are so well respected within the industry:

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Watches are such an exceptional accessory and luxury timepieces, in particular, they have mesmerised for centuries now. The way in which they are both crafted and repaired hasn't changed a great deal but it requires the very best and most skilled craftsman to carry out both these roles and, when it comes to the repair side, nobody does it better than Manhattan Time Service.

Visit the Manhattan Time Service website
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