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Hi sorry to ask this here, but tryed other places and just get no sence out of any1.:-s

ok right to the point, i'm after a dive camera that can idealy go to a minimum of 30m. I've looked all over the place and just hit dead ends, were some people say that a certain camera is great and then others say it isn't...o|

I live in england but most of my diving will be in alot warmer climate.

Any one here that would recommend a good value for money camera would be most appriciated.


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A little pricey, but I would recommend an IKELITE housing with they camera of your choice. I borrowed Scottie's rig the last trip to Bonaire, (I think it was an Olympus camera--I will get the model number) and it worked brilliantly. You do need a good strobe as well.

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I quess it depends on how deep you want to go. Both in the water and into your pocket.

I bought a Sony DSC W-80 Cybershot and Sonys' underwater case for it. It's good down to 132 ft and worked fine for me, it is a point and shoot camera so you can't expect National Geographic quality pictures but it takes pretty good quality pictures and you can operate all of the controls at depth. The only complaint I have is there is no option for external lighting (strobes), so you have to work with the light God gives you (slower shutter speeds and more blurred images).

You can see some of the pictures I took on the Searaider posts. On the third post the pictures of Subkrawler were taken with this setup.

The camera cost $200 US and the case was about $150 US and I would get the optional filter which was another $60 US (gives you truer colors).

If you want to go deeper or use a SLR for better quality and strobe capabilities be prepared for a lot of pain to the pocket book.

I looked around at some of those, but couldn't justify the cost for me (you could buy two or more Doxa watches for some of those setups:-d). Plus the thought of losing a two or three thousand dollar rig to an accident or a flooding case is to much of a loss for me to absorb (go ahead call me a wussy).

Good luck with your shopping. Randy

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It really depends on what you want to spend. If you are really looking for good quality photos, as Jason said, a good quality Point and shoot digital in either an Ikelite or Sea & Sea housing.

Option 1: Point and shoot in housing. It is imperative that you have an external strobe, unless you want all your photos to be "Blue". Sometimes you can pick up good used underwater ewquipment through places like KEH Camera, Helix or B&H Photo. If you already have a suitable camera, you can find the housing for around 200-400 USD and a strobe with Synch cables and arm another 400-600 USD
Here is and example from Helix
Ikelite Housing for Canon A630/A640 360.00
Ikelite Substrobe D-51 w Arm and manual controller 424.00
Ikelite tray 49.00
Total: 833.00

Option 2: Sea & Sea Or SubSea Camera Strobe packages
Example from Helix again
Sea & Sea DX-860G Black Sport Package w/ YS-27DX
this includes a 6.1 Megapixel camera, housing strobe ready to go. 899.95

Option 3: Nikon Nikonos V Underwater Camera, strobe and synch cord.
Camera Body 300-500 Depending on condition(includes 35mm uw and surface use lens)( imperative that they,camera, be recently serviced by a competent camera repair facility that understands and can work on Nikonos as their are some concealed O-Rings that have to be replaced periodically.
Strobe: 150-350
Synch cord: Usually Included , but if not around 50.00
Tray and Arm for strobe 60.00
total : 560.00-960.00
If only going to use underwater, I would opt for the 28mm lens, much better optics and it is designed for UW only so less uW distortion.

As you can readily see it requires a serious investment to take good UW photos. Probably a lot of money for "stuff" that is only going to be used rarely. I use the Nikonos equipment, because I felt like I could get more bang for the buck over buying a complete digital system. also i used a housed Nikon F-4 many years ago and switched over to Nikonos because of the sheer size and weight of the housed SLR. This is a real consideration when you are lugging all this gear through airports!! And with the draconian weight restrictions, it's a bummer to have to pony up and extra 100.00 Dollars to have your equipment ride along.

Great guy for used and professionally serviced Nikonos and other UW equipment is Joe Swaney . He has an ebay e-shop underwater photography cameras
Very good guy to deal with

Hope this helps
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