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Can a scratch be buffed out on a Oris Carlos Coste LE case and bracelet??

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Purchased a Carlos Coste LE Chrono (Black & Orange) about 2 years ago from GemNation online... called now but they are closed but i was wondering is there anyway to buff out scratches on Titanium case and bracelet myself??

Or can anyone recommend a place that refinishes titanium cases and bracelets???

Thank you in advance.
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yeah good link you have to remember Titanium is very soft so its easy to polish in a "polished" finish rather than brushed. I had an old BC3 which was brushed and as it got scratched i polished it with brasso and it slowly brought the case up to a polished finish which i prefered rather than the brushed finish.....if this makes sense....:-!
Thanks for the link. :-!

The thing that had me wondering is that the "Carlos Coste Chrono LE" has areas of highly polished Titanium and then the Satin Finish(Think thats what they call it) this is the reason why i have not tried to take a crack at polishing or buffing out any marks on this watch myself.

I would imagine that a brushed finish would be the easier of finishes to restore. But yeah, I'm dealing with high polished and satin finish.
Yeah but you don't have to put it back to OEM I prefer polished so I polish my brushed finishes up to shiny polish, it also makes them easier to maintain.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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