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Can someone help me identify this wostok wrist watch?

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I don't have any other pictures of it.

Does anyone know anything about this piece? Fake or real?

I have googled and found some images on similar watches but I haven't found a model name yet. The pointers seems to be different.

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sorry if this is in the wrong place, but i could use some assistance with the identity of a watch. i'm new to the watch world, so please bear with me

i recently picked up the watch in picture 1 on ebay (i like old things and was planning on having the movement replaced if it didn't work to my liking, so far so good though), however now that i've seen a brand new one i noticed a few key differences.

(sorry about the quality of my picture, it was the best i could get)

the first thing i noticed is that on my watch, it doesn't say "komandirskie" like the watch in the second pic. i want to say it says something like "admirilskie." second thing i noticed is that there is no text on the bottom of my watch, while the new one does have text on it.

did i pick up a (extremely convincing) fake, or did they just change a few little things on that dial's design?

Your watch seems perfectly fine, it is just not a Командирские/Komandirskie (Commander's watch) but an Адмиральские/Admiralskie (Admiral's watch).
Here some examples from the Internet:

Nowadays the name Admiralskie has been dropped (the trademark had expired anyway...) and Vostok just coin them as Komandirskie like the other ones (except for a few Генеральские/Generalskie).

The movement is a manual 2414a of 24mm with date and shockproof balance, the case a 539 (golden color coating) or 531 (silver color coating).

You'll find brand new ones for as little as $29:
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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