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I've been given this vintage Oris watch, it's really nice looking but unfortunatly it isn't working. The crown can be turned aprox. a millimetre which makes the second hand move for one second, but won't go any further.

It's a shame because it's a really nice looking watch. Not sure if it is worth putting it in for repair, or if it's a bit of a write off.

As you can see it's a gold plated Oris watch, with a nice sunburst red/orange dial. The movement is marked Oris 7 Jewel 715.

There are some scratches on the watch back look like from opening, but apart from that the dial and case are really nice condition for the age. Only problem is the broken movement. I'm a novice at this sort of thing, so would be interested in opinions on what you would do with it, keeping in mind that I'll be sending it away for any repairs.

Does anyone know the name/model of the watch it's self? My hunting has led me to believe Oris Star? But haven't found any images of matching ones online.

Thanks Guys

oris1.jpg oris2.jpg oris3.jpg
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