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It seems there was some interest in the heart rate monitor feature of
the smart watches.

Now there is Cardiogram, an app for the smart watch that measures
and records heart rate


Cardiogram measures your heart rate once a minute, so you can see how
daily activities like coffee, walking, eating, and stress drive your heart.

Your most recent heart rate is always shown on your watch

Compatible with Moto 360, LG G Watch R, & other Android watches with heart
rate sensors.

Cardiogram for Apple Watch coming soon

Activities from Google Fit, like biking or walking, are automatically shown
in Cardiogram.

Beta testers report that Cardiogram consumes just 1-3% of your watch's
battery energy —for the whole day.
Free - I guess that means free as in beer, at least for now. Maybe that's

Find Cardiogram on the google store there --> Cardiogram (beta)

I don't know how this compares to other choices, but Cardiogram is
working on getting you the data.

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